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Oregon postgame quotes: Dana Altman, E.J. Singler, Garret Sim

Oregon Head Coach Dana Altman

On the game

They shot their free throws very well in the second half. Our guys played hard and battled pretty hard, we just came up a little short. We were pleased with the effort. Defensively, we didn’t communicate on some plays and I knew if it got to 90 we were in trouble. We just gave up too many easy baskets.

On the difficulty defending Washington

They’re a talented group. Wilcox, Ross, Wroten driving the ball to the basket—they’re hard to guard.

On if this was one of the hardest fought games all year

Oh, I don’t know. Our guys played pretty hard all year. It was a great crowd, great atmosphere. Both teams didn’t want their season to finish. We just came up a little short, but it was a great game. We just didn’t make the defensive plays we needed to make.

On Washington’s 9-0 run to put them up 10 points

That was a killer for us. We just really gave into it there. No communication, read certain screens wrong, made too many mistakes.

On his team this year

I’m not disappointed in the guys. They were easy to work with, they played for each other. They didn’t have any problems off the floor. They were a great group of guys and I can’t say more than anything about them. We came up close in a few situations, we just didn’t have enough.

E.J. Singler

On the game

The Dawgs played good tonight. We gave it our best shot, we just came up short.

On playing hard until the end

That’s just the character of our team. We never give up, we always fight back. The seniors didn’t really want to end this in a loss, we wanted to go to New York, but Washington really played well tonight.

On the difficulty defending Washington

They’re a tough team to guard, especially up here with the environment and stuff. When they hit shots they really get going and they really get a lot of confidence. They’re a hard team to guard right now. They’re shooting the ball really well.

On their good run at the end of the season

It was good, but our goals were a lot higher than this. We wanted to do things bigger than this. We wanted to go to the NCAA Tournament, we wanted to go to NY, but those things didn’t happen. We just have to really work hard in the offseason, know how much this hurts, and get prepared for next season.

Garret Sim

On what Washington did against him and Devoe Joseph to limit him

Just trying to take away shots. They didn’t give us any room at all. In the first half I was making plays for other guys. They did a good job of just trying to take easy looks from me and Devoe.

On his career coming to an end

It’s been fun. It hasn’t really hit me yet that it’s over, but I think I’ll look back at my career and really be happy. Especially with this senior year and how far we’ve come—as a person, as an individual, and the guys I’ve been around. It’s been a lot of fun and I just want to thank the University of Oregon for the opportunity.