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TNT bracket pool update -- no I'm not cheating

With the Sweet 16 scheduled to begin tonight, I figured I would post an update of the standings for the TNT bracket challenge.

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Contrary to certain insinuations from the TNT prep coordinator whose name rhymes with Lacey, and certain afternoon radio hosts on KJR, there are no shady dealings with the pool. Yes, I happened to be tied for first with Sage Reeves and Thomas Dashiell. But if you look closely at the all important "Best score" column, I can't win the pool. I only have a possible best score of 159. That's mainly due to the fact that I have Missouri in the Final Four. I filled out five brackets, and I have Marquette in the Final Four in the other four.

Anyway, if by some stroke of chance I do win, which doesn't seem possible, I will gladly give the gift card option to whoever finishes second.

But let's take a look at some of the more notable people and their ranking in the pool of 205 people.