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TNT bracket pool update: the four-letter's empire continues to grow.

Sometimes, I don't know whether to call North Carolina "charmin" or "downey." Both seem to be proper nickname for a team that plays so soft. Yes, Kendall Marshall was hurt. But Carolina had chances to win the game, and couldn't do it. They got pushed around by a less talented, but hungrier Kansas team. This column from Pat Forde doesn't make Roy Williams sound like the world's greatest coach either.

Anyway, with the UNC losing, it pretty much sealed my fate in the bracket pool. A total of 41 people had UNC winning it all. And they are all done.

So who is leading the pool?

Right now, that would be Kevin Jackson of ESPN. Never heard of him? Have you heard of Bill Simmons? Of course, you have. Well, KJ used to be his editor on the old Page 2 site. Now, Kevin is so high up in the Evil Empire that its like the CIA, no one is quite sure what he does.

Kevin has Kentucky winning it all, and holds a slim advantage of Coug123, who also has Kentucky. Should Ohio State win, then Hunter George - formally of the TNT - now of the public relations business would win. Also Danielle Baker and a few others would factor in if Kansas wins it all.

He is a grad of Western Washington. So he's already riding the high of that national title. A win in this pool and he will have to vow to never complain about the Seahawks for the next five years.