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Congrats to Kevin Jackson as the winner of the TNT bracket challenge

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Well, the 2012 NCAA tournament is over and the Kentucky Wildcats have won the national title. And how excited was our TNT bracket challenge winner, Kevin Jackson, feel about it? Well, I can't find any tweets about it from the ESPN editor. He is a Husky fan so it has to sting that Terrence Jones got a title. But he is also quite giddy as a Western Washington grad, his school got a NCAA DII title this year. So maybe he's up north guarding the trophy from jealous CWU fans.

As for the big payout, I have yet to hear from Kevin on whether he would like an card or the Buffalo Wild Wings gift card, but since I've hung out with him and know he's a diehard Seahawks fan, I'm thinking he will want the latter. And if the thinks I won't be partaking in him using it along with his other friends in Tacoma, well, he is mistaken. Lot of wings for 50 bucks.

My buddy and Athletic Supporters teammate Jake Edens finished second, while my buddy Alex Akita of Seattle Sportsnet finished fourth. If he would have won, there would have been a 10,000 word blog post on his site. Below is a list of so-called media experts around here. Shout out to TNT Seahawks writer Eric Dana Williams, who managed to finish 194th out of 205. Even Sea Gal, Andrea Leach, who picked Colorado to win the title, still finished higher.

Seriously, thanks to all participated. It's much appreciated.