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Monday practice report with Steve Sarksian video/audio

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Practice notes

Linebacker Jamal Kearse was absent from practice on Monday. Head coach Steve Sarkisian was very vague as to why. He was asked if Kearse was dinged up and he sort of said, yes.

Elsewhere on the injury front, safety Sean Parker tweaked his right angle during an early drill and didn't participate in the rest of practice. It didn't appear to be serious as he was able to walk around, but it may be something to keep an eye on.

Guard Colin Porter was not at practice again. Sarkisian said he's still recovering from his most recent shoulder surgery.

Players were in full pads which meant plenty of contact. In the early drills, the coaches limited some of the contact and kept on players to "stay up" and not tackle to the ground. But they also did 1-on-1 tackling  drills. It was a relatively common drill where an offensive player would pick up a ball off a blocking pad and then try and past or through the tackler in about seven foot space.

The wide receivers and cornerbacks squared off in one group. The linebackers and running backs in another group. And the tight ends and safeties in another group. It wasn't much for the cornerbacks going against Kasen Williams, who never got taken to the ground once. He flung Tre Watson to the ground like a rag doll once. The next time he drove Greg Ducre about five yards back before shaking him.

The safeties had little if any fun trying to bring down Austin Seferian-Jenkins or Michael Hartvigson, though Nate Felner had a couple decent hits.

The linebackers held their own. Thomas Tutogi and John Timu were two of the more physical players in that group. Tutogi hammered Antavius Sims and Willis Wilson.

Offensively, the Huskies weren't very good. Sarkisian admitted it saying they "weren't very competitive." Quarterback Keith Price played fine. He made a few nice passes to Kasen Williams and James Johnson in 11-on-11. However, the UW offensive line was disjointed at times and struggled to protect price in third down passing situations.

Back-up QB Derrick Brown wasn't particularly sharp either. Brown struggles on throwing passes to the edge outside of the hashmarks. They are rarely spirals and often high and wide and it doesn't matter how short or deep the route is run. Brown does look much more comfortable and accurate on passes over the middle. It may be just a matter of cleaner footwork.

Defensively, UW showed more of a 4-3 look today with Talia Crichton at one defensive end, Andrew Hudson and Danny Shelton on the inside and Josh Shirley at the other end in a standup stance. Shirley caused all sorts of problems today. The defense had about five chances to pick off passes, but Nate Felner dropped two picks and had another wrestled away from him by ASJ. Defensive end Connor Cree had a sure pick six on a short route, ricochet through his hands.