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Is today the day for Alameda Ta'amu, Chris Polk and Senio Kelemete?

Of course most people watched the NFL draft last night and as expected no Huskies were taken. Stanford which was thought to have possibly four first-round picks had two players - Andrew Luck and David DeCastro - selected, thought its a sure bet that Jonathan Martin and Coby Fleener get selected in the second round. USC's Matt Kalil was taken with the fourth pick by the Vikings and defensive end Nick Perry was selected 28th by the Packers.

Tonight will be the second and third rounds of the draft? And Huskies Alameda Ta'amu, Senio Kelemete and Chris Polk (his interview with KJR is above) will be waiting by their phones hoping to get a call.

Before the season, it seemed as though both would be certainties to be taken today. Now, Ta'amu will likely be a selection and Polk and Kelemete are hopeful to hear their names called.

Rob Rang of NFL draftscout in his latest mock draft has Ta'amu being taken with the 56th pick by the Steelers, Kelemete going 76th to the Texans and Polk going 85th to the Lions

What does head coach Steve Sarkisian think?

"I think they will all have opportunities to have extensive careers in that league," Sarkisian said. "The challenge for all three of those guys is like any guy that goes into the NFL --- the draft comes, the draft goes and now it's that daily grind, the self motivation to get up every day, to work, to compete, to prepare. And I feel like we've helped prepare them for that.  But that's going to be their challenge and it's going to take their own internal motivation to make that happen and that's the hardest thing to transition  from when you go from college football to the NFL. We are on these guys about school, about life, about football. When you go to that league, especially with the new CBA, they are only around those facilities a couple of weeks in the off-season and that's it --- the rest of it you are on your own.  And so for those guys to really extend their careers in the NFL, it's going to be their self-motivation day in and day out. Because it's not about talent with them, that's for sure. They are plenty talented enough to play in that league.''

There have been questions about Polk's speed and durability. Sarkisian knows there is nothing he can say to change some of those perceptions. Polk is going to have to change them himself.

"Well, he's got to go prove it," Sarkisian said. "The NFL, these guys, they are the experts, right? They do this for a reason, they study every film, they look at every play, they look at all of it. And that's the perception they have, and if that's a guys' perception of Chris it is what it is. And until you go out and prove to change that perception that's who you are. And I've talked about that numerous times with our own football team. That's the perception, and then a perception can become a reality like it can in the draft if for some reason he doesn't get drafted very high. The perception can change in one instance when one team takes him maybe higher than people thought he would go, too. For Chris it's ultimately when training camp rolls around he's got to go prove what he wants to prove about himself.''