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Offensive tackle Senio Kelemete selected by Arizona Cardinals in the fifth round

Offensive tackle Senio Kelemete became the second Husky player to be selected in the 2012 NFL draft. The Arizona Cardinals took him in the fifth round (151st pick overall).

Kelemete had been projected as high as a third round pick.

Here's some quotes from Kelemete's conference with Arizona reporters ...

On his first thoughts after being selected by the Cardinals:

(SK): “I was excited. I’m really blessed to be picked by a great team, the Arizona Cardinals. It just felt really good to finally get my name called.”

On what he sees himself playing in the NFL and what his strengths are:

(SK): “I could see myself playing left guard or left tackle. Either or, it doesn’t matter. I just want to be out there and help contribute to the team. Wherever the coaches need me to go, wherever they need to put me in, I’ll play. I think my strengths are my attitude, being really aggressive, and bringing the best out of the guys around me.”

On what being a team captain in college says about him as a player:

(SK): “It speaks to my character, on and off the field. Just being able to lead guys away from off field things, staying out of trouble, and just making sure everything is okay. Also, just being a great player on the field.”

On his expectations going into the draft:

(SK): “I was hoping I would go in the fourth round, but anywhere I would be happy. Fifth round, I’m glad about that. Very few guys get picked, so I am blessed to be one of those guys.”

On whether there is a position between guard and tackle that he feels most comfortable playing:

(SK): “I feel comfortable at tackle, but I can bump inside to guard if they need me.”

On if the coaching staff has informed him what position they would start him at:

(SK): “No, not yet.

On if he knew the Cardinals were interested in him and if he had talked to them:

(SK): “Yes, I talked to them. They were really interested in me.”

Here's Russ Grimm's  comments on Kelemete ..

On if Senio Kelemete has the versatility to play tackle:

“Obviously, the kid played left tackle for Washington and did a nice job with them. We’re projecting him in at a guard position. We’ll start him at a guard, but it’s nice to know that he’s a guy that you can move out to tackle if you have to, because he’s played the position in college.”

On if he feels they have enough depth on the line now:

“We should have enough depth. You always say that now. The Super Bowl year, we played the same group every game. Then there have been some years where we’ve shuffled everybody around. You always like to have at least eight or nine that you feel comfortable being able to put in a game.”

On if Senio Kelemete will be able to play both sides of the line:

“It’s easy. Even numbers on the right, odd on the left, so it’s not like a difficult thing. It will be a little bit of a transition for him, but you’ve got guys beside him that will help him out early. I think he’s sharp enough that he’ll pick it up.”

On what he would say to fans who have been calling for the team to pick linemen earlier:

“You’ve got to be patient. You really do. You say you need one or you want one, and we haven’t had one in a while, and you can’t slide somebody up too far. Then you end up passing on a good receiver or a good cornerback. You’ve got to be patient with it.”