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A guess on the Huskies depth chart coming out of spring


Head coach Steve Sarkisian said it before spring practice started and several times throughout. Defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox said it a few times. Position coaches like Peter Sirmon and Jimmie Dougherty also mentioned it when discussing their mixing and matching during spring drills. So while all those coaches said there really was no depth chart, there were hints of one.

And besides, what else can we talk about?

So here's my moderately educated guess on the depth chart coming out of spring practice. I have no inside knowledge other than attending 14 of the 15 spring practices. I'm not listing incoming freshman like Shaq Thompson and Shane Brostek or Korey Durkee because, well, they didn't participate in spring. Obviously those players figure to be on there. I'm also taking into account injury factors and such as well. I wouldn't expect Colin Tanigawa to be 100 percent ready for fall camp, but I do think Hau'oli Jamora will be. I'm also not listing specialists because we never really got a feel for that during practices and so much is in flux with those positions.

Feel free to correct me on any of my assumptions ...



  1. Keith Price
  2. Derrick Brown
  3. Thomas Vincent

Running back

  1. Bishop Sankey
  2. Jesse Callier
  3. Willis Wilson
  4. Dezden Petty
  5. Antavius Sims
  6. Deontae Cooper (injured)
  7. Cole Sager

Full Back

  1. Jonathan Amosa
  2. Dezden Petty
  3. Cooper Pelleur

Wide Receiver

  1. Kasen Williams
  2. Josh Perkins

Wide Receiver

  1. James Johnson
  2. DiAndre Campbell
  3. Jamaal Jones

Wide Receiver

  1. Cody Bruns
  2. William Chandler
  3. Marvin Hall
  4. Kevin Smith (injured)

Tight end

  1. Austin Seferian-Jenkins
  2. Michael Hartvigson
  3. Evan Hudson

Left Tackle

  1. Micah Hatchie
  2. Dexter Charles

Left Guard

  1. Dexter Charles
  2. Colin Tanigawa (injured)


  1. Drew Schaefer
  2. Michael Criste

Right guard

  1. Erik Kohler
  2. James Atoe
  3. Siosifa Tufunga

Right Tackle

  1. Ben Riva
  2. James Atoe
  3. Ross Dolbec

Defense (3-4 alignment)

Defensive End

  1. Hao'uli Jamora (injured)
  2. Talia Chricton
  3. Jarrett Finau
  4. Alec Kimble

Nose Guard

  1. Danny Shelton
  2. Lawrence Lagafuaina
  3. Semisi Tokohlahi (injured)

Defensive End

  1. Andrew Hudson
  2. Sione Potoa'e
  3. Taniela Tupou

Outside Linebacker (JACK)

  1. Josh Shirley
  2. Corey Waller
  3. Connor Cree

Inside Linebacker (MIKE)

  1. John Timu
  2. Thomas Tutogi
  3. Jamaal Kearse

Inside Linebacker (MAC)

  1. Princeton Fuiamaono
  2. Garrett Gilliland
  3. Matthew Lyons

Outside Linebacker (SAM)

  1. Nate Fellner
  2. Evan Zeger  0r Scott Lawyer
  3. Taz Stevenson


  1. Desmond Trufant
  2. Tre Watson
  3. Ken Egu


  1. Marcus Peters
  2. Greg Ducre
  3. Tony Gobern
  4. Adam Long

Strong Safety

  1. Sean Parker
  2. Travis Feeney
  3. KC Herren

Free Safety

  1. Justin Glenn
  2. Will Shamburger
  3. James Sample