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Four star QB recruit Troy Williams chooses UW

Prized quarterback Troy Williams of Narbonne HS in California announced today that he has committed to play for the Huskies in 2013. Williams chose Washington over Arizona.

Williams passed for 3,247 yards and 34 touchdowns as a junior. He also rushed for 587 and 11 touchdowns.

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Williams is a rated as a four star recruit by and a four-star recruit by Williams is rated 178th best player in the ESPN top 300.

From the ESPN scouting report ...

Williams really grows on you the more you watch him most notably due to his release. Possesses adequate height, not ideal with quality bulk and the frame to add strength and weight. Possesses very good athleticism; good enough to be employed as a dual-threat, but is a passer first, runner second. Possesses adequate speed for the position. Shows good command of the scheme; gets the ball out quickly and shows he can work from one target to the next; does not take many risks with the ball and makes good decisions on the run, when flushed or pressured. Recognizes coverage and where to go pre-snap. Possesses a calm and cool demeanor; throws with authority, re-sets and shuffles to create throwing lanes and get the ball out without happy feet under pressure. Is a tough runner that does not shy away from contact. Exclusive shotgun player; balanced and quick in his set-up. Tough to gauge drop speed, footwork from under center. Wastes little time getting set from snap to throw; very efficient. Possesses a smooth, quick, strong delivery that is over-the-top, but compact and consistent. Shows proper ball carriage at chest level. Natural throwing motion that is efficient. Possesses the arm to make most, if not all necessary college level throws with zip and natural wrist snap. Is capable of driving the ball deep and outside of the numbers when feet are set. Flashes power vertically -- arm strength is adequate-to-good. When feet are set, Williams is very efficient within the strike-zone. Flashes zip and touch and is capable of fitting the ball into tight spots and leading receivers with a catchable ball especially on movement routes. Tough to gauge ball handling in this scheme; zone-read play fakes are sound and he is a running threat so he warrants attention in this area. Dual-threat skills give him upside here. He is a nice blend of arm and athleticism; is scheme versatile and very productive. Not an elite runner, but very good.