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A few independent opinions on Ross and Wroten and the NBA Draft

I just finished up my NBA draft preview for tomorrow's paper.  As part of the research for it, I talked with couple of people to get their opinions on Terrence Ross and Tony Wroten. So I figured I would post some of what Ryan Blake, the senior director of NBA scouting operations and son of Marty Blake, and Sam Amick, Sports Illustrated's NBA senior writer and draft expert, had to say about Ross and Wroten.

Blake on Ross ...

"He really came on at the end of the season. He had those four straight 20-plus point games. He showed much more assertiveness as the season went on."

“He’s done all the right things. He’s got more versatility, up and down than a lot of players. Obviously, he can really shoot it. But he can put the ball on the floor and finish at the rim. You like the consistency, the athleticism and the attitude.”

“We can look at Reggie Miller. He’s been thin all of his life and he could still play. I’m not saying Ross will be Reggie. But Ross will get stronger and it will help him.”

Amick on Ross ...

"The strength is the only concern I’ve heard. But to be honest, I'm not hearing much concern at all. I just put out the latest mock draft, and I’m already thinking that  I've got Terrence Ross, got him going to too low."

“The whole package is there.  The athleticism, combined with the size, combined the shooting - it’s just a great mix.”

"People love the shooting. They love the length. The size is a major, major factor. There’s a lot of good shooting guards in the draft, but some of them are undersized. It's a major benefit for him."

"He's surprisingly cutting through the higher profile shooting guards in the mix."

"He could be gone anywhere from 1o to 14."

Blake on Wroten ...

“It pretty much confirmed what we already knew. He’s 6-5, he’s strong, he’s athletic, he can attack the rim and he can’t shoot the ball.”

“I don’t think it’s something debilitating, but it ain’t good, right now. I think he can become better shooter."

“Look at Rondo, he can’t shoot, but he understands how to make plays. Wroten knows how to drive and get inside and draw contact, and of the course passing. Those are ingrained in him. Those are assets.”

“If he falls to the second round, he’ll be one of the first guys taken in the second round. He can use it as motivation to go out and prove all the naysayers wrong.”

"On a team, there isn't five positions. There's 9 to 11 positions and I think you can find a position for him with his size and strength and  athleticism."

Amick on Wroten ...

"I still think someone is going to be happy with him."

“Executives have a hard time getting past the fact that he not only can’t shoot it consistently, but it seems like he’s so far away from figuring out."

“In general, it’s said way too often that you can fix shooting. I don't believe it. Maybe it's because I'm based near Sacramento and that's what Evans' people kept saying, and he still hasn't figured it out."

“Right now, it seems like he could be Mateen Cleaves. I’m hearing a fixation in his inability to do it, more than optimism that he can fix it."

“Not a lot of guys in this draft that can get to the rim like him, that are as strong as him, that are as athletic as him – that’s appealing. If you get on a team good team where you’re deep already and you can be more of a specialized talent and play a certain role, he can be really good.”

"I think about a guy like Tyreke Evans coming out of Memphis, former rookie of the year. He still hasn't figured out the shooting. But he gets to the cup, and he gets there at will. It's different than a guy like Tony. But that's not an insignificant talent in the NBA. And I think  Tony can do it at the next level."

"How many guys late in the first round can’t defend, which is huge part of the game, it’s not like one glaring weakness sholud be enough to put a guy in the second round when he’s got that talent."

“In my conversations, I don’t have anybody late in the first round saying, if he’s there, he’s our guy."