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Pac-12 Media Day -- blog with live video

I will be updating the blog throughout the day. But if you have the time, the internet connection and your boss isn't looking you can watch it live on this embedded feed from the Pac-12.

Here's the lineup ...

Updates  ....

Commissioner Larry Scott just wrapped up his speech in which he used the word innovative enough to make a drinking game out of it. He lauded the new Pac-12 Network and it's possibilities. He emphasized that the days of regional games are gone and that 100 percent of the Pac-12 football games will be shown this season throughout the entire country.

Here's the transcript of Larry Scott's interview

Pac 12 Network Chief Gary Stephenson just wrapped up. ... a few key notes

  • The Network will have a Sunday night rewind show with analysis and highlights from that weekends games.
  • There will be a Tuesday evening show with snippets from the coaches' press conference
  • They will replay all the Pac-12 home games, including those on Fox and ESPN and show them in one hour condensed versions - similar to the Big 10 network.
  • Still no word on DirecTV, but Stephenson seemed optimistic that it will get it done.

Full transcript is




Coach Jon Embree seems optimistic that all-everything wide receiver Paul Richardson will be able to contribute this season after season-ending knee injury.

Embree said the quarterback situation is far from finalized.

Loved this quote from Embree: "We've upgraded our team speed, the question is if it's going in the right direction."

Transcript is here


Rich Rodriguez said his option scheme can fit anywhere. He also says that sometimes "schemes get overrated."  Tell that to Nick Holt.

Rodriguez was asked what "influenced him" to come to the Pac-12 from the Big 10. Rodriguez answers with a sort of meandering answer about coming to a place where he can win. I'm thinking he should have just said ... "Employment."

When asked about the manic and high-paced tempo that Rich Rodriguez demands in practice from his offense, Arizona linebacker Jake Fischer, replied: "Every practice, it felt like we were playing Oregon."

Rodriguez was the first coach asked about the Penn State situation and the punishment the school received. Part of his reply ... "There are lessons to be learned. And those are lessons beyond football.  It's going to be tough for them to recover, but nothing as tough as what the victims went through."

Here's the full Arizona transcript.

Arizona State

New head coach Todd Graham steps on stage for his first Pac 12 media day. Odds that he's here for next year's media day?

Both ASU players Cam Marshall and Brandon Magee talk about how much better the Sun Devils practices are in terms of organization, intensity and enthusiasm.

Cam Marshall admitted that ASU fell apart last season in terms of discipline. Marshall also said his problematic ankle feels the best its felt in over a year and a half.

Graham says he plans to whittle the QB competition down quickly, but said its still a competition. He would prefer to name one now so the player can start leading.

Full transcript of ASU is HERE


Kyle Whittingham said that offense is gravitating more toward the spread option style  under new offensive coordinator Brian Johnson. He also took a minor shot at former OC Norm Chow, saying "we have to better offensively than we were a year ago if we expect to contend."

Star Loutolelei, who Whittingham said is the best interior defensive linemen in the country, said he didn't feel he was ready to jump to the NFL. I think there are a few offensive linemen that would disagree with him.

Whittingham said the idea of the Pac-12 being a finesse conference is a misnomer (well maybe for some teams). And he also said his defense prides itself in being physical. "We are as physical of a defense that you will find," he said.

Whittingham on the USC game in SLC. "It could be the biggest game in Rice Eccles Stadium history."


Jim Mora is so excited about being the new coach at UCLA that he used the word "excited" roughly 13 times in his opening statement.

Mora coach Tevin McDonald's dad, Tim, when he was with the 49ers. He also taught Merton Hanks the chicken dance.

Mora used the word tough almost as much as he used excited.

Mora says he's excited about UCLA's quarterback situation. So he's the one guy.

Mora is having the team have fall came in San Bernandino ... why?

"I don't want girl friends there. I don't want friends there. I don’t want parents there"


Lane Kiffin says it feels like they are in "a perfect storm with all the great things going on here." Perfect Storm? So is he George Clooney or Mark Wahlberg or John C. Reilly?

Kiffin was asked about Penn STate running back Silas Redd possibly transferring to USC... "We can’t speak on any kids on their roster. We can't say anything about it."

But before that, he said, "Running back is our biggest concern."  See what he did there.

When asked about Penn State dealing with the sanctions leveled on them by the NCAA and how he's dealt with it, Kiffin replied ... "There's no way you can compare what happened at USC and what happened at Penn State."

when asked about getting Matt Barkley to stay, Kiffin didn't hesitate ... saying "I didn't recruit Matt to stay. Matt was completely ready for the NFL. Totally ready to go in and be the face of a franchise. But he wanted to do something special and maybe go down as something special in Trojan history."

Washington State

Leach gets on the stage and says he doesn't do opening statements and does so without the microphone.  30 seconds in and he has every one giggling.

A question is asked to Jeff Tuel and "Coach Price". Tuel answers the question and then says, "i'll hand it over to Coach Price." And Leach says, "On behalf of Coach Price," and then answers the questions.

Leach is than asked about going bear hunting with former Cal QB Mike Pawalaski. His response?

"Any time you get a chance to go bear hunting or fishing with Mike Pawalaski, you really ought to."

Tuel on the Leach system ... it's about learning what to do with the football and when.

Since Leach is a war buff, he is asked to compare Jeff Tuel and Travis Long throughout history.

Leach then compares Tuel to Stonewall Jackson for his ability to attack from all front. He says Long is like Ulysses S. Grant because he is down in the trenches and would be able to invade Vicksburg if he just kept his pads down. --- I swear I'm not making this up.

Oregon State

Riley says the lack of a running game has been part of their struggles.

Riley said that Stan Hasiak is in the final stages of what he needs to do academically to rejoin the team.

Jordan Poyer is lauding the coaching skills of new secondary coach Rod Perry, who came to OSU from the Chargers, and replaced Keith Heyward, who went to Washington.

Riley is pleased with the progress of Scott Crichton of Foss. As a freshmen, he was one of the top pass rushers in the league. And Riley said Crichton is stronger and faster than last year.

When asked about Sean Mannion's growth as a player, Riley said, "From the minute  the season was over he was watching film, then out throwing  with the guys. He's shown all the ingredients to take a big jump"


Jeff Tedford said the hope is for Cal to be able to practice in the remodeled Memorial Stadium by August 15.

Wide receiver Keenan Allen said the team will rely on a few freshman to play the vacated receiver spot held by Marvin Jones, who is now in the NFL.


Steve Sarkisian and Keith Price and Desmond Trufant are on the stage. Sark talks about the excitement of the new coaching staff. He also mentions that Keith and Desmond are the first two players he's  brought to media since he became the head coach.

Sark: "The goal is to play 14 games and we are on the right path to do that."

Sarkisian said that the offensive line question marks are real. They will try and move guys around and finding the best combination. That includes using Drew Schaefer at left tackle some and using Colin Tanigawa and Erik Kohler at center some.

On the brutal schedule : "I guess I ran up the score on a few teams when I was at the other school. ... You play the hand your dealt. That's our schedule. Let's go play."

Sark said that the defense has more talent than it's been given credit for. It was just young talent.

Since no one was asking Desmond Trufant questions, Sarkisian asked him about the defense and the new coaches.