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Tuesday practice report with Steve Sarkisian video: all scrimmaging, all the time

(injury report below)

The Huskies scrimmaged for the entire Tuesday practice. Unfortunately from our vantage point, we were unable to keep any real stats other than scoring plays.

There were five in total -- all touchdown passes.

Keith Price and the No. 1 offense scored twice on the No. 2 defense. Early in the scrimmage, Price hit Kendyl Taylor, who had beaten walk-on safety Zach Beebe on a seam route for a 35-yard touchdown pass. A little later, Price found his favorite target- Austin Seferian- Jenkins - over the middle for a 49-yard touchdown pass. Price threw the ball high and Seferian-Jenkins made a leaping catch falling back into the endzone.

The second team offense featured all three candidates vying for back-up duties. Derrick Brown, Cyler Miles and Jeff Lindquist all rotated by series.

Miles and Brown combined to throw three touchdowns against the No. 2 and 3 defense. Miles hit Marvin Hall, who got Brandon Beaver to bite on a double move,  on a deep pass up the sideline for a 45-yard gain. Moments later he later rolled out and found Evan Hudson on a 9-yard scoring pass. Miles showed a nice touch on that short pass.

Brown hit Jaydon Mickens on 29-yard touchdown against a zone coverage. He also hit Josh Perkins on an eight yard touchdown pass to end practice in the overtime period.

While it seems like a lot of scoring, all of it was done against the No. 2 and No. 3 defense. The No. 1 defense was not scored upon and the first-team offense managed just two or three first downs against the top unit.

The No. 1 defense consisted of .... Josh Shirley, Danny Shelton, Andrew Hudson and Talia Crichton up front. The linebackers were Scott Lawyer, John Timu and Travis Feeney. Desmond Trufant and Greg Ducre were corner, while Sean Parker and Will Shamburger were at safety.  Semisi Tokolahi worked in with the No. 1 defensive line.

The No. 2 defense consisted of .... Connor Cree, Lawrence Lagafuaina, Jarrett Finau, Sione Potoa'e with Jamaal Kearse, Blake Rodgers and Taz Stevenson at linebacker. Brandon Beaver and Darien Washington were at corner and Tony Gobern (moved over from corner) and James Sample played the safety. Obviously, players like defensive end Corey Waller, linebacker Evan Zeger and safety Zach Beebe also worked in some.

With James Johnson largely out of practice, Taylor, Mickens, Cody Bruns and DiAndre Campbell worked in with No. 1 and No. 2 offenses.

The first-team offensive line was started with LT: Micah Hatchie, LG Colin Tanigawa, C Drew Schaefer, RG James Atoe and RT Ben Riva. Tanigawa gave Sarkisian a scare when he went down to the ground and came up favoring his left leg - the same knee he had surgery on. But it was just bad hamstring cramps, according to Sarkisian. Dexter Charles took his place.

The second-team offensive line was : LT Dexter Charles,LG Ben Teichman, C Siosifa Tufunga, RG Shane Brostek, RT Mike Criste

Travis Coons did not kick during today's practice, but special teams coordinator Johnny Nansen said that Coons is the starting kicker and Korey Durkee is the starting punter - no real surprise there. He also said Jaydon Mickens, Marvin Hall and Kasen Williams will do the punt returning, while Jesse Callier, Shaq Thompson, Mickens and others will do the kick returns.


LB Thomas Tutogi (sprained knee) — did not practice and was wearing a brace on his knee

LB Princeton Fuiamono (hamstring) — dressed out, but was very limited

LB Nate Fellner (broken foot) — was not at practice.

LB Alec Kimble (undisclosed) – dressed but did not practice

WR James Johnson (foot injury) — dressed out, and appeared in three plays, but that was it.

CB Marcus Peters (sore back) — dressed out, but did not do much in practice.

CB Tre Watson (undisclosed) – dressed out, but did not practice

S Justin Glenn (concussion) — did not dress for practice

S Shaq Thompson (concussion) — did not dress for practice

OL Cory Fuavai (achilles) — dressed, but was very limited.

WR Kevin Smith (knee) — wearing yellow jersey

And obviously, Hau’oli Jamora (knee), Erik Kohler (knee), Deontae Cooper (knee), Ryan McDaniel (knee), Cooper Pelluer (shoulder)  all did not dress for practice.