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A special guest at Tuesday's Husky football practice

So we walk into Huskies football practice today at Montlake, and this gorgeous looking animal was there to greet us. Yes that's a live bengal tiger on hand to watch Husky practice

Her name is Sheena.

She is 16 months old and weighs 300 pounds. A year from now she will have doubled in size.  Sheena is property of A Walk on the Wild Side game preserve in Camby, Oregon.

She was guest at practice because LSU famously has a live bengal tiger on its sidelines. This is the current version Mike IV

The live tiger on the sidelines is one of the many reasons that home games in Baton Rouge are special.  Here's a webcam of him in his habitat near the LSU campus.

With over 90,000 fans expected and a live Tiger on the sidelines, it can be a  bit of distracting to opposing players. So head coach Steve Sarkisian had the live tiger brought up from Oregon as a way to prepare his team for the frenzy that awaits them.

"It's pretty cool," Erik Kohler said. "I mean there is a live tiger at our practice."

Here's Micah Hatchie staring Sheena down

No word on what Sarkisian will do when the Huskies play the Montana Grizzlies in 2017