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Pac-12 picks part one ... Geaux point spread!

Yes, I'm down in New Orleans.  Yes, this place is trouble. Yes, it's 50-50 whether I make it home with my credit cards, my laptop or my left pinky finger.

But it will all be worth it for some cajun food and some zydeco music and a hurricane or two.

Let’s not get into last week’s performance against the spread. I was about as efficient as Jeff Tedford’s offense. Thanks a lot Bay Area teams for being terrible. Yeah, Tedford you are on the hot seat. You know how you know? There’s a facebook page that wants to fire you. And that’s big time. There’s a fire Skip Bayless facebook page and there still is a fire Mike Stoops facebook page.

Thanks a lot Chip Kelly for not scoring 75 before putting your backups in. Don’t you know how Mike Gundy does it! Just run it up. You know you want. Don’t tell me you’ve gotten soft in your old age. It must be that hot tub in your film room.

Thanks a lot Mike Leach and your vaunted offense. Two field goals? Two field goals? I fail to believe that a Leach coached team can only get points from a player built like KJR host and Coug apologist Jason Puckett.

Utah (-7) at Utah State

This isn’t an easy game. Going into Logan, Utah, which might as well be another planet, and getting a win is difficult. I’ve been to Logan. And let’s just say that for the 48 hours I was there, I was easily the most morally corrupt person there. Though the good folks there did their best to try and keep me on the straight and narrow. You know I think I got a speeding ticket going there too. Like going 62 in a 55, I wonder if I actually paid that ticket.

The pick … It’s a mini-rivalry game, but I like the Utes. Utah State lost its two best players – Running back Robert Turban and linebacker Bobby Wagner – to the draft, specifically the Seahawks. The Aggies still have a QB named Chuckie Keaton. Can I really pick against a guy named Chuckie? Yes, because he’s spelling it wrong

If I were a betting man … wow, I’d tease that 7 down to a one and take the Utes with another squad in a teaser. But I will take the Utes. Anybody with a defensive tackle named Star, beats a quarterback named Chuckie. Plus I’m still mad that I couldn't find a tavern in all of Logan.

Eastern Washington at WSU (no line)

I talked to Christian Caple, who said Eagles fans were giving him grief about picking the Cougs to win. Really? Look, I stick up for the Big Sky as much as anyone. But come on. EWU beat an Idaho team that might finish third in the Big Sky this year, while WSU was playing what I think is a top 25 team.

The pick … Leach’s offense will bounce back. I’ve never seen Jeff Tuel that hesitant. I don’t think he will. Take heart Eastern fans, Montana is going to beat you in Cheney regardless of what happens on Saturday.

If I were a betting man …. I’d find a place that had this line and no matter what the over was this side of 70. This game might have a 120 passes and take over five hours. Have fun Christian.

Sacramento State at Colorado (no line)

Sac State pulled off two stunners last season – they beat Oregon State and Montana. Both were unlikely. One made me very mad. One made Ryan Katz very mad and a back-up.

The pick … Colorado is going to win this game, and if they don’t, they might not win a game the rest of the season.

If I were a betting man … what the hell is up with lack of lines. Sure it’s an FCS team, but come on. This needs to be fixed … some of us have addictions that need to be deatl with. Some of us have more addictions than others.

Southern Utah at Cal (no line):

Honestly, were you surprised when Cal lost. I mean, sure they were supposed to win. But as I said in my picks last week that it would be a very Cal thing to do to lose the first game at Memorial Stadium.

Now follow me on this ... if Cal were to fire Jeff Tedford, which is entirely possible -- he has a facebook page dammit --- Cal would likely hire a defensive minded head coach - you know the whole opposite theory. So what if Cal opens the checkbook and goes after Justin Wilcox, who was an assistant coach there and is going to be a very good head coach in the next year or two. In turn, Wilcox brings his best friend Peter Sirmon. Would he try to bring Tosh Lupoi with him? Could you imagine that happening? It might break twitter and the message boards.