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Challenging road ahead for Washington Huskies

The new Associated Press and USA Today polls are out and illustrate the daunting task in front of Washington.

Stanford catapulted to ninth from 21st in the AP poll after beating USC on Saturday. The Cardinal are 11th in the USA Today poll. Oregon is ranked third in both polls, USC is 13th and 12th, Arizona 22nd and 21st. Even Oregon State is on the cusp in the AP top 25, racking up enough votes to be at the top of “others receiving votes.”

Those are the next five games for Washington, two of which (Oregon and Arizona) are on the road, prior to three of the final four being on the road.

How will the Huskies do in those five games? Cast your vote.

> Jake Locker struggled Sunday at the helm for the Titans. He was 15 for 30 for 174 yards, a touchdown and an interception (which came on his first throw of the day). He's led the Titans in rushing both weeks, which is not a good sign. Tennessee has been hammered twice and that's not sitting well with folks.

> Mason Foster had a big day for the Tampa Bay Bucs with 13 tackles, though Tampa Bay allowed a franchise-record 604 total yards to the Giants.

> Coming up this week: We have our regular Monday luncheon with head coach Steve Sarkisian. No players on Monday this week, with things a little funky because of the bye week.

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