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Sarkisian and Woodward open to uniform injury reporting policy

We just finished up here with Washington head coach Steve Sarkisian and an impromptu discussion with AD Scott Woodward about the firestorm that has developed about not disclosing injuries to the media, a change Washington made last week, citing a competitive disadvantage as the reason.

Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott told reporters at the Stanford/USC game Saturday that he would consider a uniform policy for conference member schools when it comes to reporting injuries.

Woodward said Monday he spoke with Scott over the weekend about this topic. Woodward said it will be discussed in October at the next meeting of conference athletic directors and a change could be made this season.

Several schools in the Pac-12, like Oregon, USC and Stanford, don't report injuries.

"We want to remain open in practices, but we want to have a uniformity in how we report injuries," Woodward said. "I think it's a great step. It's something I talked to Larry about over the weekend. I called him and applauded him for putting forth a great idea, in my opinion."

Woodward has seen both sides of this. When he was working at LSU and Nick Saban was coach, the environment was very tight and closed. Woodward was also here as the interim AD for Tyrone Willingham's final season when Willingham chose to close almost all of practice. When Sarkisian arrived, both he and Woodward touted a preference for an open environment.

Sarkisian was surprised that Washington's change in policy last week was seemingly the tipping point for all this. USC head coach Lane Kiffin had temporarily banned a reporter  just before Washington announced its change. The tumult has apparently prompted the commissioner to act.

Other notes from today:

> Sarkisian said he hopes to get a few injured players back for the Stanford game, though he didn't specify who they would be.

> Sarkisian pointed to the punt unit as one that needs improvement. He said Travis Coons will compete more this week with Korey Durkee for that duty.

> Sarkisian thought Micah Hatchie had another good game last Saturday. He felt the young linemen -- Dexter Charles and Shane Brostek -- had good and bad to go off from their work against Portland State.

> Sarkisian said he is "really encouraged" by special teams outside of the short punts.

> Sarkisian said Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will be a typical work week as if there was a game coming Saturday. But, there will be an emphasis on more individual work the next few days. Washington will do a bit more "goods on  goods" to maintain a physical atmosphere, then the players will have Friday off and come back Saturday, which will be treated as if it was Monday of game week. "We get a few extra days to gameplan, but come Saturday, it's game week for us," Sarkisian said.