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USC postgame quotes

Now, some comments from the Trojans, including head coach Lane Kiffin, who said he kept it conservative for a reason.


Opening Statement“So I think anytime you go on the road and you come into what it seemed like a sold out environment like this it’s a very hard place to play, obviously the Seahawks have success over here, Washington has been undefeated here, I think they have won 8-9 in general at home because they have great fans, so it was good, was it perfect, no, we thought our guys came out and played a really good first half obviously, and the story of the day would be the defense, number one, and then special teams, and then the run game. Those are three things that if you are going to win on the road you usually need to pack. Phenomenal job by our defense, especially in the fourth quarter. If you’ve been covering us over the last three years, that’s been our issue, fourth quarter defense. So I thought our guys really played well, closed the game out, flew to the ball, ran the ball well at times and scored on special teams, so we are glad to get out of here [with the Win] it’s been a long first half of the season, four road games out of six, we’re back in L.A. for five of the next six, and we’ll load up and go back.”

On “dialing it down” in an atmosphere like this to avoid letting the crowd get into it“Yeah I mean I continue to remind myself that there is one goal and that’s to win the game, you know are the numbers what were are use to, no, but we won. And remember two times ago we went on the road and we weren’t sitting here with a win, so we were conservative once we got a lead like that. We said it all along, this isn’t about anybody’s numbers or Heisman, it’s about winning games, and we did the best thing and that was to the win today.”

On if Barkley was okay after the sack or if he was just playing conservative“No he’s fine. That was simply just playing to win. I wanted to sit here in this press conference at 5-1 not 4-2 and we did that, so in those situations why go back and get him hit again, you know play to our defense and go home.”

On their defense in this game“I thought our defense was really getting after the quarterback, and you know they were pretty beat up on their offense. Every game is not going to be like that and we will have to score more.”


USC Running Back Silas Redd

Opening Statement:“We felt pretty good today. Hats off to Washington, they came out and played well in the second half. During the first half the offensive line was lights out.”

On his big run to open the game“It was designed to the left, but it was kind of plugged up. I saw an opening to the right and I took it.”

On how he feels about the season halfway through“We are not satisfied, but we are in a nice position right now. There is always room for improvement, but we just need to take it one game at a time.”

Jawanza Starling

Opening statementWe are not satisfied. I felt we are at a nice position but we are taking it game by game.

Are you surprised or pleased with the fact that the defense didn’t have a bad game?It’s a testament of how we have been practicing. We have been practicing very hard and that has carried over to the game. It is just a more experienced defense than a couple of years ago and we have been in the system for a while and the guys know what they are supposed to do.

How has it been for you personally?It’s been something I just have to come in every day, trying to improve on what I can improve on, control things I can control and not worry about other factors.

On the first touchdownI wasn’t on that side but I think we have to get a little more in depth in that corner and try to be a little more aggressive.