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News and notes from Tuesday with Romar

Tuesday we met with Lorenzo Romar, assistant coach Brad Jackson and a few players. Some notes and quotes from the discussion that precedes Wednesday's exhibition game against Western Washington:

> Romar said center Aziz N'Diaye bumped knees with another player in practice a few days ago and has been held out of practice. But, N'Diaye will play in the exhibition opener against Western Washington at 7 p.m. Wednesday.

> Romar essentially said Gaddy, Suggs, Wilcox and N'Diaye are four starters. Kemp, Simmons, Jarreau and Breunig are fighting for the power forward spot.

> Romar said Shawn Kemp Jr. has been playing well. He's in better shape, has a better understanding on defense and, according to Romar, even has a solid 15-foot shot to deploy.

> Washington will have a closed scrimmage in a couple weeks prior to the Nov. 11 opener against Loyola. Typically, the scrimmage precedes the exhibition. It's the opposite this year.

> Romar said Wednesday's exhibition is a "great, great game for us" because it's against the Div. 2 defending national champs.

> Romar on the high-post offense we will see Wednesday night: "Is it going to be the finished product? Absolutely not." He said he's expecting it to be much more in sync in December. He was hopeful that would be at the start of December as opposed to the end.

> Romar said you could call the high-post offense an, "old-fashioned offense," but that numerous NBA teams use some aspects of it.

> Romar also said having a single offense -- in the past, the motion offense would be complemented by pieces of the high-post and sets -- makes teaching and learning much easier.

> Romar reiterated this is the offense he's always wanted to run. He ran it at Saint Louis, then in his first year at Washington and in part in 2009 and '10.

> Former UCLA coach Jim Harrick visited with Romar in the spring to help explain the high-post offense and philosophies around it.

> Jackson and Romar said there are three levels of learning the new offense: Understanding the basics, then executing becomes second nature, and, finally, when players are able to add their own counters or mild wrinkles. The coaches said Washington is in between the first two steps.

> Jackson, who coached at Western Washington for 27 years, said "we" a few times Tuesday when referring to the Vikings. He laughed about it and is trying to crack the habit.

> Jackson also said Abdul Gaddy fits very well into the new offense. Gaddy will come off single, double and rub screens.

> Gaddy said he'll be able to go in the post against smaller guards. That will be interesting to see.