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Video: Lorenzo Romar postgame Loyola

Opening comments:All in all I thought our guys did an excellent job at handling what was thrown at them. Aziz N’Diaye was sensational. It seemed like he was getting every ball that was coming at him and he held on to them for the most part.

On the turnoversThe second half was the same press. Everything was still the same but we would go to pass the ball and we would pass it to our knees. It’s the first game, whatever you want to call it, but I thought we settled down. I don’t think we turned it over in terms of pressure, but now we turned it over. They’re pretty good at the press. You go on the road and press as much as they do and that’s something you rely on to get baskets.

On Wilcox’s 22 points and the new offenseI would say tonight it was a quiet 85 points. It was a low possession game in a lot of cases and we shot 54% and I thought we got great shots. We were 53% from the three-point line and 73% from the foul line and we got to the foul line a lot. I thought the offense tonight created great balance to make the defense pay. Four guys were in double figures and if Andrew Andrews made a free throw we would have five guys in double figures. If you’re executing hopefully that’s what happens.

On starting Jernard JarreauI think it was a combination of a couple of things. Jernard is long, and if you rated your best defenders, he wouldn’t be the best defender but he makes things happen. He’s long, he gets deflections and he blocks shots. On the offensive end he’s very comfortable up there in the high post. That’s one part of it. On the second part, Desmond brings so much energy coming off the bench. Him and Andrews coming off the bench, right now the level of energy goes straight up when they come off the bench. So it was a combination of a couple of things.

On Jarreau and Aziz N’Diaye playing together down lowDefensively it could present some problems at times, but again Jernard is versatile enough he can come in and cover the perimeter and do a decent job.

On averaging in the top of the conference in reboundingBased on what Aziz did tonight, I think our team does have the capability finish in the top this year. Jon Brockman averaged double digits in rebounding for three years. And 9.4, 9.6 his freshman year. I always felt Aziz could average a double-double. And our guards can chip away and I think we could be a good rebounding team. Especially if we can box out.