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Video: Gaddy, Suggs and Wilcox postgame Loyola

Abdul Gaddy, senior

On difference between first and second halves:

We had some jitters first half. We just knew that we had to guard better in the second half and keep them off the rebounds.  They’re a team that scraps a lot, a team that scores off loose balls and getting offensive rebounds. So we knew that we had to do those things, and that’s something that we need to get better at still.

On dealing with full-court press:

Second half we did much better. We took care of the ball. They took the press off once we started beating them down the middle and attacking the press, getting easy shots.

On confidence coming off win:

We just need to keep building from this game. I’m confident in our abilities as a team. We have enough talent to be an NCAA Tournament team, we just have to make sure that we give 100% every day—including practices—and going into the games.

On offensive flow:

I thought we did pretty well.  We know we want to get the ball to certain people in certain places—especially C.J. and Scott, we really want to find them. We played well off them. And sometimes we look for Aziz so we can have a good inside attack. So I think the main things is we just need to keep getting better at timing in our offense.

On how to help out Aziz down low:

The main thing is to knock down shots. If we’re knocking down shots teams won’t double him so he can have more space to operate down there. He usually gets to the free throw line a lot, he just has to make sure he keeps knocking down his free throws.

Scott Suggs, senior

On first official game in a while:

It felt good to get to go out and play again. We got the win so everything’s good.

On picking up 3rd foul in 1st half:

I was upset with that. Everybody else did a good job at making sure we stayed in the game, despite some calls that were made. We did a good job at overcoming that.

C.J. Wilcox, junior

On hit to the head:

I tried to take a charge, and his shoulder hit my head and my neck jerked really quick. I just got a little stinger, but it went away after a little.

On having the hot hand with Suggs second half:

It was great, especially with Abdul and Andrew. Once we hit a couple, they know to keep feeding us the ball. And when both of us are hitting, it’s tough to guard us, so of course it’s fun when everything is going in. But when things aren’t going the right way we still have to play the same way on defense.

On confidence coming off win:

I’m always confident in our team and our ability, we just need to learn how to maintain our focus for 40 minutes and keep getting better.