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Video: Aziz N'Diaye postgame Loyola

Aziz N’Diaye, Senior

On overall thoughts about the game:

First game of the season, we’ve been looking forward to it for a while, we’ve had a lot of practices. I think we started a little bit slow, turning the ball over, but after that we got a little more comfortable in the second half and that helped us.

On what changed after halftime and helped pull away:

At halftime Romar told us to be more solid and take care of the ball better, they were running the press from the start and we were being hesitant. But in the second half we were more comfortable bringing the ball up and that helped us in the second half.

On their defense:

We always work on trying to get stops, and we did a pretty good job stopping their players and they are a solid team, and we give them credit for coming in here and challenging us, you know we’ve just got to  keep it up.

On his rebounding:

Just being the big man, I’ve got to protect the paint. I’ve just got to hustle for rebounds and try and get second shots and with Shawn being out I just have to step it up. I’m just trying to give my all and help my teammates out.