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Washington players postgame Albany

C.J. Wilcox and Aziz N'Diaye met with the media after the loss to Albany:

Guard C.J. Wilcox

On Albany mixing up their offense:

“They saw that we were hedging the ball screens really hard, so they would come off and run the big guy to the rim. It caused some rotation issues and they got some wide open lay-ups.”

On momentum surge in second half:

“We came out in the second half with a lot more energy. But they made some adjustments to counter our aggressiveness.”

On not shooting as well as Sunday:

“I can’t make all the shots, but I definitely need to play better—especially on the defensive end. I feel like I’m going to make every shot, so when they aren’t falling, there’s nothing you can do.”

On coming out of halftime:

“He [Lorenzo] told us to come out with more energy, and that’s what we did. Be more aggressive, try to get in the lanes a little bit.”

On last play of game:

“We were anticipating a lot of switches, we were trying to switch everything. They just cleared it out really nicely. We tried to force him [Black] left—we always try to force off-hand—but he made a play.

On dealing with Albany’s quickness:

“We were making a lot of different adjustments. We would come out and trap the on-ball, then we started to hedge a lot. Toward the end we didn’t hedge as much because they kept hitting the diving guy.”

Center Aziz N’Diaye

On last possession of game:

“We thought that they would set up somebody to drive to the basket. But it’s not that the last play made the game. In the first half we were slow. If we would have started the right way, it would have been different in the second half. They just made a lot at the end of the game.”

On starting aggressive on offense:

“They did a good job of finding me early. If it’s a mismatch, I do a quick move, try to finish over people.”