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Game thread: Washington vs. Seton Hall (Huskies win in OT)

Good afternoon, folks. We're going to get this game thread started early. If you're on Twitter, you can follow me there at @Todd_Dybas.

> #UWHuskies hang on in OT, beat Seton Hall 84-73. Face Ohio State tomorrow at 1:30 on ESPN2.

> Someone just yelled, "So nice, it's Andrew twice!" And, it's so quiet in here, bench heard and started cracking up.

> Simmons with a very big game not to be overlooked. He has 14 points and 12 rebounds.

> After not being sure if he would play, Suggs has 15 points.

> Suggs 3, bang. That might do it. UW up 82-73 with 1:15 left.

> Andrews hits a 3 and is fouled with 4 second on shot clock. Bench explodes.

> Seton Hall goes to Audo and he shoots a 3 that is way off. We're going to overtime.

> Simmons was bumped from behind by a cutter and he stumbles and travels.

> N'Diaye straight up with his arms and Edwin can't finish over him. Simmons board. Timeout Washington. 17.6 left.

> There is 1:17 left and Seton Hall leads 71-70 after Simmons foul while fighting for a defensive board.

> There is 1:17 left and Seton Hall leads 71-70 after Simmons foul while fighting for a defensive board.

> Washington down 66-60 after back-to-back Seton Hall 3s.

> Wilcox 0-for-4 from 3, 1-for-9 last two games from there.

> Under 8 timeout and Washington offense still not working. 58-58 wth 7:16 to go.

> Andrews gets his fourth with 8:26 to go. We won't be seeing him for a while.

> Washington with six turnovers this half, Seton Hall with one.

> Timeout Huskies, who have come completely undone here in the second half. 56-56 with 9:13 to go after a corner 3 for Smyth of Seton Hall. Washington has done a very poor job against 3-point shooters tonight. Pirates 9-for-14.

> Under 12 timeout. Huskies lead 56-46. N'Diaye tells group in timeout to keep head up during Seton Hall run.

> Washington has scored five points in the first seven minutes of the second half.

> Washington not as efficient this half, but still holds a 54-43 lead.

> N'Diaye just picked up his third. Huskies up 52-39 with 15:55 to go.

> I'm going to try to find what didn't go right for Washington in the first half. It will take a while. Washington is up 49-33 against Seton Hall after shooting 61.3 percent in the half. Gaddy with 14, N'Diaye with 10 and Wilcox with seven. N'Diaye 4 for 5 from FT line.

As stunning as Tuesday's loss was, this half was equally stunning. Washington's defense has stymied Seton Hall throughout the half. The Pirates committed 11 turnovers and Washington continually scored off them on the way to 19 points off turnovers. Gaddy had arguably the best half of his career with 14 points, five assists, a rebound and good defense.

It's cool and quiet inside the arena. Most left after the Ohio State game. subsequently, Washington has done an excellent job of bringing plenty of energy after going down 5-0.

> Andrews just made his guy fall down with two crossovers. He was fouled at the rim.

> Huskies with 17 points off turnovers with 3:59 to go in the first half.

> Under four timeout. With 3:59 to go, Washington leads 36-22. Has done an excellent job of creating its own road energy.

> N'Diaye with a stickback and the Huskies lead 31-20.

> Romar furious after Suggs is taken all the way from the top, fouls and and allows layin. He subs Suggs.

> N'Diaye going to the line and we have the under 8 timeout. Huskies lead 26-14.

> Gaddy standing while on bench and shouting defensive communication.

> Wilcox with a steal, hoop and harm. He makes hist first FT of the year. 24-11.

> Another timeout. Edwin, Seton Hall's best player, picks up his first foul. 12-5 with 14:04 to go. Ohio State coach Thad Matta on press row watching the game.

> Gaddy hits Wilcox with a no-look on the break for a 12-5 Washington lead which forces a Seton Hall TO.

> Washington with a 10-0 run to take a 10-5 lead.

> Seton Hall up 5-0 early. Very quiet in here. Little life for the Huskies.

> Scott Suggs will start. Washington starters are Abdul Gaddy, C.J. Wilcox, Suggs, Jernard Jarreau and Aziz N'Diaye. Suggs has been going through warmups. Obviously, he's fine.

> Ohio State beats Rhode Island 69-58. Deshaun Thomas with 25 and 13 for the Buckeyes.

> Ohio State has pushed out to a double-digit lead, but Rhode Island not giving up. If Washington ends up playing the Rams, it will have to be prepared to play hard.

> Stickback by Amir Williams puts Ohio State up 50-42, its biggest lead of the night.

> Moderate crowd in here at the moment, but better than earlier in the day. Just more than an hour until Washington is scheduled to tip-off.

> Rhode Island hanging around. Down 41-38 at the under 12 timeout. Just grabbed an offensive board and stuck it back in. Rhodey bench going crazy.

> Rhodey with life and Craft decides to pick up full court and nearly gets a five count before Rams call a timeout.

> Rhode Island off on the break for an alley-oop and house announcer says, "Boom shacka-lacka!" Apparently a NBA Jams fan.

> Ohio State absolutely killing Rhode Island on the boards.

> It's interesting to watch various coaches. Albany coach Will Brown screamed at and demeaned his players all afternoon during their win. He constantly made sarcastic comments to the bench about the players on the floor. Ohio State coach Thad Matta picks his spots. He's often seated, yells at the refs a bit and only gives a jolt of intensity when he feels it's needed as opposed to the constant badgering of some coaches.

> Craft is 1-for-4 from behind the 3-point line, but two of his misses have been rattle outs. Could easily be 3-for-4.

> Ohio State point guard Aaron Craft isn't fast off the dribble, but he had good vision, has shown range, and as always is a defensive nightmare.

> Lorenzo Romar and the Huskies are filtering into the arena.

> It's halftime of the Ohio State/Rhode Island game. Ohio State used a late run to close the half with a 30-26 lead. Rhode Island led for much of the half.