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Ohio State beats Washington 77-66

Washington was down 10 at the half, and hung around throughout the second half, but fourth-ranked Ohio State had too much for the Huskies and won comfortably 77-66.

> That will do it. Washington with a solid showing against fourth-ranked Ohio State, go down 77-66.

> N'Diaye gives a hard foul and Scott goes down. Looked like he hit the back of his head on the floor. He's up and back in the huddle.

> Wilcox switches onto Thomas and plays his right hand even though Thomas is left-handed. Thomas drop step for easy lefty jump hook.

> Washington has been terrible at inbounding the ball from the baseline today.

> Remains quiet and cool in here. One guy in a UConn football jersey is shouting insults while sitting next to his kid. So, there's that.

> Timeout Washington. Ohio State remains steady with a 67-56 lead, 6:10 to go.

> Under 8 timeout. Washington down 61-53 with 7:43 to go. Suggs just called for a block because he was in the circle.

> Gaddy gets his fourth with 8:32 to go.

> Gaddy gets his third with 9:16 to go.

> N'Diaye gets his third. He'll have to come out with 10:04 let in the game.

> Simmons fouled. Washington down 54-42 with 11:53 to go at the under 12. Thus far, a Howland-free game. Unfortunate.

> Huskies down 49-39 at under-16 timeout. With 15:47 to go, margin the same as halftime.

> Romar grabs Wilcox and Suggs as they head into the timeout. Looks like he's telling them not to be anxious.

> Couple of 3s from Wilcox and Gaddy pull Washington within 5, but Thomas answers. Ohio State up 47-39.

> Same starters for Washington. Wilcox has two fouls.

> Washington needs to play harder in the second half. It is outmanned, but is also not playing as hard as Ohio State.

> HALFTIME: Ohio State leads 41-31. Washington has hung around, but Ohio State has made few mistakes. Deshaun Thomas has 21 points at the half for Ohio State. Suggs leads Washington with eight, Aziz N'Diaye has seven points and five rebounds.

> Thanks to three more offensive rebounds and five fewer turnovers, etc., Ohio State has 10 more shots at the break. Percentages almost equal.

> Good challenge on that Thomas jumper. He's missed two in a row now, dogs and cats sleeping together, down is up. Ohio State up 10, 41-31.

> Ohio State has ZERO turnovers.

> Washington is shooting 60 percent, yet trails by seven.

> Under 4 timeout, 35-28 Ohio State. Starting to get away from Washington. Just too much Ohio State firepower.

> Simmons gets his second on what appears to be a flop by Ohio State. Under 8 timeout, 7:04 to go, Ohio State up 26-20.

> Andrews switched onto Deshaun Thomas after pick and Craft made a rare mistake by driving instead of giving him the ball.

> Washington's start has kept the small, pro-Ohio state crowd here silent.

> Under 12 timeout. Ohio State leads 19-18, and, despite Thomas going crazy, this is an excellent start for Washington. Thomas is 7-for-8 and has 15 points.

> Thomas with a jab step on the inbounds and loses Suggs to get another hoop.

> Craft responsible for causing both Washington turnovers.

> Huskies keep switching screens, often leaving Gaddy on Thomas. He's posting and abusing him, as to be expected.

> Washington hanging in. Off to a good start, down 13-11 at under 16 timeout.

> Deshaun Thomas hammering the Huskies, but they are hanging around early. Down 11-9.

> Ohio State starters: Craft, Smith, Thomas, Ravenel, Thompson.

> Maybe a couple thousand in here now. Many wearing Ohio State red.

> Looks like Scott Suggs will start out on Ohio State's leading scorer, Deshaun Thomas.

> Often, in set ups like this, the crowd gets behind the underdog. We'll see if that applies to Washington today.

> Some Ohio State fans here. Hardly any Washington representation.

> Same starters for Huskies: Gaddy, Wilcox, Suggs, Jarreau, N'Diaye.

> A huge question for me heading into this game is who guards Deshaun Thomas? Jernard Jarreau? Desmond Simmons?