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No Suggs against Saint Louis

Washington head coach Lorenzo Romar said Tuesday that Scott Suggs will not play Wednesday night against Saint Louis. Some news, notes and quotes from the press conference with Romar:

> Rebounding, not surprisingly, was one of the big topics Tuesday. Romar said Washington has to be "a little more hungry" for the ball. Forward Desmond Simmons put a little more force behind it. "You look at that game almost in the sense that they came in here and punked us," Simmons said of Colorado State. That's correct and not good.

> Romar said Andrew Andrews is the best on-ball defender Washington has right now. He also said there is a drop-off in that department on this year's team.

>Romar said Abdul Gaddy has been more vocal in practice thus far this week. Gaddy took the Colorado State loss pretty hard. A lot of things were off for him, notably his free-throw attempts. His first shot from the line against Colorado State was flat. The attempts that followed were worse. Gaddy's free-throw percentage has fluctuated during his career. His freshman year, he shot 56.4 percent. He was at 81.8 percent his sophomore season (in a very limited sample of 11 attempts) and shot 69.1 percent last year.

> Romar again said Shawn Kemp Jr. should be back in December.

> Asked about Tony Wroten being sent to the D League, Romar explained that if he had a son, he would advise him to be sure he is ready to have an impact in the NBA before going into the league. In the NBA, the second contract is crucial. Rookies sign guaranteed four-year contracts when they are drafted in the first round. But, the third and fourth years of those deals are team options. So, most rookie contracts are two years. In Wroten's case, begin drafted 25th puts him in a slot that pays just less than $1 million annually.  Which, to the average person, is obviously a truckload of money. But in NBA terms, it's a pittance. The next time you hear someone call an NBA team a "veteran" team, that means it has a bunch of guys on their second (or later) contracts who will not be worried about beating up a rookie in practice to get minutes.

> Romar said he was excited by C.J. Wilcox repeatedly driving against Colorado State. Wilcox said it was a byproduct of how the defense was playing him and just a heightened general pursuit to get into the lane. Wilcox shot five free throws against Colorado State, matching his season total from the prior four games. But, he also needed 25 shots to score 28 points.

> Wilcox also said they are looking forward to getting another shot against Saint Louis after the Billikens stomped them 77-64 last season.