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Video: Lorenzo Romar postgame Fullerton

Lorenzo Romar calls this a gritty win for Washington.

Overview:I don’t think that Cal State Fullerton made us look bad in terms of the type of team we were. I told our guys they are so gifted with the ball in their hands individually. They have multiple playmakers and you saw that. D.J. Seeley hits big shots for them. We were, for whatever reason, very lethargic early on, and they capitalized on that and went up. But I’m really happy with how our guys came out in the second half. 18 rebounds, 14 points—that was a John Brockman-esque performance from Desmond Simmons. John Brockman is the only guy who’s ever been here since we’ve been here to get 18, and now Desmond Simmons is the next. He was just all over the place on the boards. Andrew Andrews did a great job filling in for Abdul down the stretch, who cramped up and had spasms, and couldn’t go back in the game. Andrew broke down on defense and made plays. It was just a gutsy effort by our guys down the stretch. This may have been the biggest win for us of our preseason, because we’re starting to get our team back. I don’t know if they will for sure but some guys will attempt to start practice this week—Scott and Shawn—and see if they can go. We had to get over the hump of this game here. Somehow we survived, and we’re ready to move on. Sorry for such a long introduction.

On playing Quinn Sterling:A little bit thin on bodies, a little bit of foul trouble. But Quinn turned that ball over tonight, I don’t think he’ll turn it over again ever. He’s just a smart player. He got on the floor without any hesitation. That’s just kind of how he plays. He plays really hard and we don’t have any problem with putting him in the basketball game. He’s a guy who’s been hurt—we haven’t had him. He’s not the guy necessarily who’s going to be the difference maker who scores 30 a game, but he is a guy you can put in the game who is smart and helps the team.

On effects of starting in zone:It was a conversation coach (Brad) Jackson and I were having before the season started—do you ever like starting in zone? I don’t like starting in zone because it takes your aggressiveness away sometimes early. I don’t think that was the case [tonight]. I have another reason that I won’t say publically. The subconscious mind can mess with you sometimes. We didn’t start in a zone, we were in a man on a miss, zone on a make.

On Simmon’s performance:Consummate glue guy, consummate intangible guy is what he is. He just does little things like deflections. We had a low number of deflections in the first half and Desmond had over half of them. When he’s active like that, he gets stuff done. This is his second double-double—he had 14 and 12 against Seton Hall.