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Video: Washington players Wilcox, Andrews and N'Diaye

C.J. Wilcox said he was stunned to be fouled with 3.6 second remaining in the game:

Junior guard C.J. WilcoxSumming up the gameIt was a scrappy win, they definitely gave us opportunities to get it done by fouling us late in the game and we took advantage of those opportunities. We came out in the first half really slow and we knew they could score, so that’s what they did.

Did they give you trouble being small, quick, and very guard heavy?Yes. Coming in we know that’s what they were going to do, just trying to play one on one, break you down, and have someone else come out and hit threes—that’s what they did. Second half we calmed down and were able to get in front.

Were you stunned to be fouled at that point in the game?Actually I was. I was surprised on the first foul and then they did it again. I was really surprised.

Can you talk about Desmond’s night?We know he’s capable of doing that every night. We knew coming into the first half especially when he took it upon himself to get every offensive rebound he could, which is what we’re used to seeing.

Senior center Aziz N’DiayeWhat’s the difficulty when playing much smaller guys?They usually spread out the floor, like five out, and I end up guarding the biggest fastest guy. I just follow the scout and work on containing the basketball, trying to get a stop.

What happened to your eye?I don’t remember, the play was when I went into Desmond and his elbow accidentally hit me in the eye. It wasn’t something from the other team.

Did it feel like during the game Desmond wasn’t taking any prisoners with 18 rebounds?Yes, he did a really good job, that’s what we expect. We have to go in there and get those rebounds and get those second chance shots and he did a very good job on the ball.

Freshman guard Andrew AndrewsDo you know what happened with Seeley scoring only 4 in the second half? Did you make adjustments defensively? Yeah it all happened in transition. He’s a great shooter and anytime you lose someone like that they’re going to go off. Second half we made a point to focus in on him and try and cut off his water just so he wouldn’t have as easy looks to the basket and it worked.

Do you like going to the free throw line so late in the game?Yes definitely, anything to try to settle a victory. After a certain amount of minutes you get used to the rhythm shot.