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Andrews doubtful this week, more news, notes and quotes

Backup point guard Andrew Andrews is "doubtful" for Thursday's game against Seattle U and Saturday's game against Jackson State. Andrews has a severe ankle sprain.

"He does whatever it takes to win," Gaddy said. "You don't put anything past Dollar."

Scott Suggs, who said his foot (plantar fasciitis) is feeling better but is not yet pain-free, and Gaddy are the only guys left who were around when Dollar was an assistant at Washington.

Washington head coach Lorenzo Romar constantly compares Dollar to a pit bull. He said anyone who has met Dollar will not be surprised by the force his team plays with.He also said the older players have always told the younger players about Dollar.

"Coach Dollar is legendary for the competitor that he is," Romar said. "His reputation precedes him."

It's fire like that which has eluded Washington early this season. Romar is constantly trying to put more life, more desperation into his team. He said the last time he had to do that was in 2007 and '08. The Huskies are filled with laid-back personalities, which leaves Romar constantly prodding them.

"In 2007, 2008, we had to do the same thing with those groups," Romar said. "We had to continue to push those groups. Those teams did have Jon Brockman. Even with Jon, we found ourselves constantly pushing, prodding trying to get us to be high-energy. It was difficult with those two teams. This team, has been, so far, more like that.

"With the exception of Spencer going down in 2007, it was different because we had all our team. This team, we have to do that even more because, other teams have guys out and they come out and compete. Doesn’t mean they are going to be the best they can be, but they still come out and compete and we have to be sure that we do that."

More news and notes:

> Romar was happy to make clear he went 3-1 as a player against Seattle U. He also said he will continue to play the Redhawks even if Washington loses to them at some point. Back when Romar played at Washington, the Huskies played Seattle U twice a year in a home-and-home format.

> Romar said Shawn Kemp Jr. doesn't quite have his touch yet, but is improving. Don't be surprised to see him back in the starting lineup this week.

> Romar on the Seattle U game: "They’re 3-3? We’re 4-4, so I don’t know who’s better right now. We better go play. We’re not looking at it as we’re the higher profile school."