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ASU coach Herb Sendek laments 'terrible' shot selection

Big thanks to ASU sports information guru Doug Tammaro for passing along a few of ArizonaState coach Herb Sendek's postgame quotes:

(Opening statement) “In the first half I thought our inability to convert some of the good shots we had, coupled with the fact that we had arguably our worst shot selection of the year, really made it difficult for us to score. On the other end, the poor shots resulted in us being on our heels with our transition defense. In other cases, we were just burned in transition. The shot selection and the transition defense, to me, is what stood out in this basketball game. I thought we also had a tough time containing them off the dribble, especially early on."

(On the team’s shot selection heading into tonight) “It has been arguably our greatest strength and something that we have praised the guys for throughout the early season, but tonight was just terrible. I wish I had an explanation and wish I could tell you why it happened. It seemed like it got contagious, perhaps once we found ourselves down, some guys tried to have 10 point possessions and maybe did some things out of character, but it’s still not a great way to play. When you take bad shots, you don’t get 10 points per possession, you usually miss them and dig the hole deeper. Poor shot selection was a big part of the story here this evening and, quite frankly, we had a difficult time defending Washington. Off the dribble, certainly stands out, transition stands out, and (C.J) Wilcox makes you pay almost every time, and obviously we just didn’t play very well.”

(On Jahii Carson’s limited assist numbers in the last two games (1 assist total)) “Our team only had eight tonight. I think we might be in the top 15-20 teams in the country with our assist-to-turnover ratio, and that’s something that has been a real strength of ours, but tonight on our 22 baskets we only had eight assists. To get an assist, the guy has to make the shot. Sometimes you can make a nice dish and the guy will miss the shot and you’ll get a donut. Without being able to look under the hood and all those type of things, the fact of the matter is that I don’t think our team made each other better tonight. Give Washington credit; they are an athletic and long team and they did a great job of defending us tonight.”

(On only making 2-for-14 on 3s) “I think for the first time this year the three wasn’t falling for us. We were only 2-14 from three and we didn’t find another way to win. We didn’t find another way to compete.”

(On Washington’s success posting up Jahii Carson) “We tried to help him as much as we can, and they did a good job on a couple isolations. We eventually changed who he was guarding, but in the whole scope of things those couple baskets may have been a small factor but I think the things we are talking about (shot selection and transition defense) gave the game its context much more than that. But that’s obviously one of the challenges with size that you run into sometimes when you are defending a bigger guy.”