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Video: Andrew Andrews, C.J. Wilcox after Washington beats Utah

Got to postgame a tad late due to deadline writing responsibilities, but here's at least a couple minutes of C.J. Wilcox and Andrew Andrews answering questions afterward. UW was nice enough to distribute a few select quotes after the game, so you can read those below the video.

Andrew Andrews

(Is it getting easier to win the close ones?) “I think so, just because of our defense and trying to stop people from scoring. We’ve been doing a good job with that as far as us keeping them scoreless and on the other end we are able to find buckets. It’s getting easier.”

(How much has coach been preaching defense the last couple weeks?) “Everyday. Usually in preseason we go over a lot of defensive drills, as of late we have been incorporating those back into our practices towards the beginning of practices just helping us review because we are going over a new defense just making sure its fresh in our heads because sometimes we revert back into our old defense.”

(About overall gameplay as of late) “Just coach TJ (Otzelberger), he has been stressing me that the more we start playing, the more people are gonna be focusing in on this guy to my left (CJ Wilcox). When I’m playing well it will take a little pressure off him and open him up. So eventually toward the end hopefully they are keying in on me a little bit to get him more shots.”

C.J. Wilcox

(How is this start similar to the start you guys had last year in the Pac-12?) “It is similar in that we started strong. We have a tough team coming in on Sunday and we have to take care of our home court. We didn’t do that last year but we have the opportunity to do it this year.

(Anything you learned from last year that you could look to improve on this year?) “Every game is different so it is hard to look and go off last year. Just having a better approach to each game is important towards the end when they start picking teams for the tournament.”

(Was there something that Utah was doing to create those turnovers early in the game?) “No that was all on us. Just unforced turnovers. They had a couple steals but for the most part it was on us.”