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Quoting Utah coach Larry Krystkowiak

Here are a few quotes supplied by UW sports information from Utah coach Larry Krystkowiak ...

(Overall thoughts) “Our defense kept us in the basketball game and put us in the position where we could be competitive. We’re just going to have to be better as we’re moving forward. I think the scouting is improving and our league knows more of what we’re trying to do. They’re going to make it hard, so we have to dial in our offense a little better and be tighter with it.”

(On Jordan Loveridge having slow game offensively) “I think that will be something that we discuss with him when we break down some game film. If somebody doesn’t have a great game it isn’t necessarily that they laid an egg as much as it is that he has a big bulls-eye on his chest. Things are going to be really hard. They didn’t give him opportunities to catch. I thought that the second half was a little better. He started getting to the rim, missed a couple short shots.  But we’re moving right along. It wasn’t anything on Jordan, it shouldn’t be a Jordan story as much as it was just that we collectively had a hard time scoring.”

(On Wright having big game offensively) “He was tremendous. He played every minute of the game, and offensively and defensively he was really solid. But especially when you are on the road, you have to be more than one guy with a great game. You have to have contributions from some different guys, and I thought that overall we were pretty deficient in what we were trying to do.”

(On poor offensive game) “You have to be solid. You have to put it all together. I don’t think that our offense tonight was as deficient as much as the Huskies’ defense was really good. They were stoked up and ready to go. We would have had to be a little better. We did a terrible job in the first half of setting screens, and when you’re dealing with that kind of pressure one of our elements is to break some of that pressure is screening, and we whiffed on a number of those and it just compounded that pressure.”

(On close losses) “We’ve only had three – three two point games. It certainly isn’t what we’re looking to do. We have to close out these close games and figure out where we’re going. We put these things in our memory banks and we learn from them and move from there.”