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Lorenzo Romar says Cal 'beat us pretty soundly tonight'

FROM BERKELEY -- Back from postgame interviews with quotes from Washington coach Lorenzo Romar, who didn't see much to like during his team's 82-56 loss at California tonight. Here's what he had to say:

(Opening statement) "First of all, Cal is a really good basketball team. I think we fully understand how they were able to go on the road three straight times and get some quality wins. They thoroughly were the better team against us tonight. Hats off to them. We couldn’t really do anything right. We were outrebounded. We didn’t shoot the ball well. We didn’t finish. They chewed us up when they had the basketball. They beat us pretty soundly tonight. They’re a good team."

(Was this a bad matchup?) "I thought their size bothered us as much as anybody we’ve played in a long time. We just played against Colorado who had a 6-9 and a 6-10 front line, and they gave us trouble on the offensive boards a little bit. these guys, they were on the offensive glass, they blocked shots, they altered a lot of our shots around the rim that made it tough for us to score."

(On defensive struggles) "We just were out of sorts. They did a good job of getting the ball to people where they could score, and were just able to make good plays. We started out, I thought we were really focused on the defensive end. 8-2, and at that point, a couple guys got away from us, they hit a couple 3s. Wallace got away from us. They gained some confidence, and there it went. I thought tonight, we allowed us not seeing the ball go in the basket enough to affect us on the defensive end."

(On offensive struggles) "We missed a couple shots. Again, they were switching and like what we do in a lot of cases, instead of continuing to run our offense we got a little stagnant. We quit cutting hard. All of those things. And at times it forced us to take some difficult shots and we were out of rhythm. Then when we got wide open looks, we weren’t able to capitalize and convert."

(Does this undo any of the good feelings from the first two weeks?) "No. Absolutely not. We had a setback tonight against a very good basketball team, and we have another game on Saturday. We have to regroup and come back and play."

(Good to have two days to prepare?) "At this point, I’d prefer if we were at home with this much time off. But obviously we want to do a better job and be better prepared when we go out and play in our next ballgame."

(Anything change with the defense?) "We were trying to play our same defense that we’ve been playing lately, but we weren’t very good at executing. And cal had something to do with that because they were very good in their execution."

(Was C.J. Wilcox pressing?) "I don’t know. I thought he tried to put us on his back, what you’d expect him to do. It just didn’t totally work out."