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Oregon coach Dana Altman says C.J. Wilcox was 'best player on the floor'

Here are some comments from Oregon coach Dana Altman after Washington's 80-76 victory on Thursday night ...

(Overview) "C.J. Wilcox hit some big shots. We made mistakes a couple of times on screens and he made us pay every time. And then he made the big shot late. He was the difference in the game, he was the best player on the floor, and he made us pay."

(On Johnathan Loyd guarding Wilcox) "We had more success with those guys on him. Joe fouled him a couple times. I thought Loyd and Dominic Artis got under him pretty good."

(On Blackwell early in the 2nd half) "He had four in a row there. We were out of position and gave up some really easy baskets."

(On inside play) "We got inside. We didn't finish some plays around the basket, but I thought we got inside pretty well. We didn’t make them pay with any penetration then kick – we didn’t shoot the ball particularly well. But I thought we got to the basket fairly well."

(On team morale) "It’s tough. They’re hurting, we’re hurting. It’s five in a row. There’s no sense in denying it, it’s tough. It’s tough to fight back on the road, but that’s what we’re going to have to do. I thought we competed tonight – we beat them on the boards, we did a lot of good things. We just didn’t finish enough plays. They’re down and it’s tough to stay together, but we’re pulling together and we’re going to be fine.

(On inability to create runs in 2nd half) "We just didn’t get the stops that we needed to get. We didn’t shoot the ball particularly well, we had some open looks that we didn’t knock down. But we scored enough I think, it was just defensively we can’t let them shoot 69 percent in the second half. Wilcox hit some shots, like I said. But he likes those shots, those are shots he can hit."

(On next steps for team) "Washington State. We have to get some stops – we have to do better on the defensive end. That’s a big part of it."

(On still trying to find a working rotation) "I don’t know. Right now we’re struggling, there’s not one pattern that goes. We had some production off the bench. They all had some good moments, but they all had some disappointing ones as well."