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Quoting Lorenzo Romar after UW's loss at Colorado

Here's what Lorenzo Romar had to say after Washington's 91-65 loss at Colorado ...

(Opening statement) “Colorado, wow. They came out on fire. Shots contested, not contested. They were just knocking shots down and knocked us back on our heels right away. I thought coming in the game, I thought we were pretty focused and ready to play, but their ability to hit shots early kind of pushed us back a little bit.”

(Was the problem with the defense?) “We were not organized in our defensive transition early in the game. We weren’t picking people up. We allowed them to get a couple baskets. But then we also turned it over early and allowed them to get going.”

(How tough is that 20-4 hole mentally?) “It can be tough, but again, we cut it back down to seven. We came back and I think we used a lot of energy to come back. We couldn’t make shots and eventually they ran away from us.”

(How were C.J. Wilcox’s legs?) “We talked about that before. We did very little yesterday and before, C.J. said ‘I feel good.’ C.J. hadn’t really had one of those (bad games) this year, or maybe one other.”

(Can you do anything to stop a team when they’re shooting like that?) “We called one (timeout) early, we went zone one possession, they got the offensive rebound and put it back. You can try that. They did settle down after that initial outburst of 3-point shots. Everything they were hitting was going in. They settled down for a little bit but we didn’t take advantage of it.”

(How did you think you played in the second half?) “I thought in spurts we played OK, but we still got too anxious on the offensive end at times. It was about a 3-minute stretch there in the second half where we took turns trying to bring us back by individuals. That’s not the way to do it on the road, that’s for sure. That further increased their lead. They fed off that.”

(Did you see this coming at all?) “I wouldn’t have guessed if we would have come out on the short end it would have been like this. I thought we were going to be better than we were tonight.”

(Are you alarmed by it?) “We haven’t done a good job on the road. The first weekend when we went to Arizona, I thought we played very good basketball and we haven’t really been able to duplicate that since. We’ve been playing much better at home. Our next five out of seven are at home, so I wouldn’t say I’m alarmed.”

(Is your team’s belief in defense maybe farther away than you thought?) “I’ve got to go look at the film and see where we made our mistakes, but sometimes your offense can be just as much a contributor to bad defense, because you’re shooting too quickly, you’re settling, and that other team just stays in a rhythm, so I’ve got to look at the film and check how much of this was negligent. We’ve played some games where it didn’t look like we were defending, just one person was out of position on several plays, several possessions, and it looked worse than what it really was. So we’ll check it out.”

(Does it feel like you really need a big run now to end the season?) “Yeah. We were hopeful to get on one tonight. But like I said, we have to make hay in the barn in these last seven because five of them are at home. If there was ever a time to now make a run, we’ve got to do it.”

(Did you expect this considering CU’s short bench?) “Askia Booker, Josh Scott and Xavier Johnson, those three guys combined for almost 70 points I think. So they just picked it up. I think all three of them picked up the slack for what they didn’t have.”