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Quoting Lorenzo Romar before UW plays Stanford

Here's what Washington coach Lorenzo Romar had to say during his weekly media availability today. The Huskies host Stanford tomorrow at 6 p.m.

(On quick turnaround after Colorado game) “In that regard, it’s a little different than the Thursday-Saturday game. Because when you played Thursday-Saturday, like we used to all the time, you had one day to prepare between the games. It’s somewhat similar to that. In their case it’s different because they had a bye week. Usually Thursday-Saturday, you haven’t traveled from Thursday to Saturday. Not much at all, at least, unless you’re (on) the Colorado-Utah series. So that’s a little different.”

(Do you watch Colorado film at all today?) “We are going to show some defensive clips of Colorado, to learn from it. Not to go back and review the Colorado game just for the sake of review. Just some teaching situations we can get out of it.”

(On the give and take of the Pac-12 TV contract) “Yeah, that’s the exchange, and that’s something (exposure) us coaches begged for for a long time and now we have it. We’re all dealing with it as a league, so that’s the tradeoff.”

(On playing on different days each week) “The main thing is just it’s not a rhythm. Before the only time it would change is if you played on a Sunday instead of a Saturday. But again, it’s league-wide. Washington is not the only team that’s doing this. Everyone is doing it.”

(On team knowing it has to get on a run) “I think our guys are aware that we have to play our best basketball right now coming in down the stretch. We need to play at a high level. I would say if we play our best basketball, things will take care of itself. I think that’s how we have to look at it, as opposed to ‘if we don’t do this, if we don’t do that, it’s doomsday.’”

(What did you take from first game against Stanford?) “They’re very versatile with size. They have versatile size. Guys can play multiple spots, and their length can affect you on the defensive end as well. They’re a tough matchup.”

(Is Chasson Randle a focal point from the start?) “Yeah, but you can’t just focus on him. They have other players that are capable of putting the ball in the basket – not only capable, but they put the ball in the basket, so he’s not the only guy you have to concentrate on when you play against them. We didn’t concentrate on him enough last game because he played very well.”

(Why was Randle so good in the first game?) “He’s good at splitting the defense. There were situations where there were a couple guys around him, three guys around him but he was still able to split defenders. He’s good there. He’s just one of those guys that has a knack for finding the ball and the basket. There was one play there was a loose ball they got, we didn’t get, next thing you know, end of the shot clock, he comes up with it and hits a 3. he’s just one of those offensive players that has a gift that way.”

(On what to do if Stanford corrals C.J. Wilcox again) “Obviously other guys have to step up and make baskets when that happens. I felt like they kind of just did that and dared the rest of us to shoot, so hopefully we can take the pressure off C.J. if that’s how they’re going to defend.”

(What’s the lesson from Colorado?) “Do it the way we’re supposed to do it. Do it the way that we’ve practiced. That’s it. Not rocket science. It’s no new revelation. Just do what we know to do. That’s it.”

(Why don’t they always do it that way?) “I think sometimes our biggest issues have come on the road. I think that’s a common denominator if you look at when we don’t play as good on the defensive end, and when the ball’s not going in the basket, it’s been more on the road than it has at home.”

(Is that a mental thing?) “In my opinion, it is.”

(How do you fix it at this point?) “We have two left and then the Pac-12 tournament, so we’ll see. We’ll talk about it. We’ll deal with it.”

(On the comforts of home vs. the road) “The crowd behind you, sometimes maybe you’re getting a little fatigued and they get you over the hump a little bit. we were just talking about this: home vs. the road, there are certain factors that I think come into play. You get distracted, I think, easier on the road. Sometimes it’s harder to maintain your focus within the game mentally when things don’t go well, for some it’s harder to stay the course when that happens. On the road, the crowd’s on you, things aren’t going your way and you feel like you’ve got to take over the game when things aren’t going your way. Four or five guys thinking that at the same time …”

(On Marcus Smart and ASU spitting incident as a teaching point) “We talk about that here and there with our team. We’ve said before games, back to 2004, certain times we’d play and just say ‘look, stay on the court, don’t engage with the fans. As soon as you do that, they win. Just a smile, a wink, whatever it is, don’t get involved in that.’ We’ve talked about that before.”