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Quoting Lorenzo Romar after UW's win over Stanford

A couple of notes to pass along before we get to some additional quotes from UW coach Lorenzo Romar ...

--- Nigel Williams-Goss said the hip injury that has been bothering him recently was aggravated when he got hit in a bad spot by Chasson Randle. That's why he hobbled off the court and into the locker room. He said he received some quick treatment, which was why he was able to return to the game so quickly.

--- Lorenzo Romar didn't have much to say about why Andrew Andrews played only five minutes -- and none in the second half -- other than to say simply that the group on the court was getting it done, and he didn't want to tinker with what was working.

Some more quotes from Romar ...

(Opening statement) “That was a great basketball game, with the exception of our turnovers. Both teams I thought fought hard and really competed. One of those games I couldn’t be more proud of our guys. A number of guys stepped up and … Mike Anderson, I thought Mike Anderson played the best basketball he’s played in a while tonight. Desmond didn’t score a lot of points but he was relentless in terms of his effort. Those are the plays that we expect Desmond to make at the end of that game with the charge. Taking that charge. Those are the things that he does that just help you win ball games. I thought our group just persevered tonight and came up with the W against a very good Stanford team who had been playing exceptional basketball. We won on the boards, which is a good thing against that team.”

(On strategy on final play) “We just did not want to give up a 3 at that point. That was more important to us. If they score we get the ball back, but we did not want to give up a 3. we thought actually it would go to Powell.”

(Were you worried about which way the charge call would go?) “That was a charge all the way. I really did, I thought it was a charge. I know what you’re saying, you just don’t know what’s going to be called. But I don’t think I have a biased opinion, I just thought Des stood his ground and was there early enough.”

(What’s the difference between this team tonight and at Colorado?) “My only answer right now is home vs. road. That’s my only answer, and it’s unfortunate we haven’t been better on the road. We still have two more on the road but I think it’s pretty clear we’re just a different team this year when we’re at home, since conference play has started.”

(On Mike Anderson playing more aggressively) “We’ve been talking to him all year about being more aggressive. He was just able to stay in there … you can’t discount the fact that he didn’t play inside all night. He played his natural position, the perimeter. And as I keep saying, Mike is probably the most selfless player on our basketball team in this day and age where everybody has to play the perfect position and all. He didn’t care. He just did it. And I think it wore him down. I really do. Battling, because he’s not going to back down, and battle. Lately he’s been playing more on the perimeter and tonight he didn’t have to battle down there as much but he still battled because that’s his nature. He played a great game.”

(On getting more interior looks in the second half) “I thought there were a number of times in the first half that we had the ball inside but couldn’t hold onto it. We were there but we were just too much in a hurry, whether we were delivering the ball or catching the ball. If we catch those balls that were thrown, then I think we get fouled more.”

(On defensive adjustments in second half) “I just thought as I said before, the adjustment was we did what we were supposed to do. There was no magic formula. There really isn’t. It may seem simple, but I can show you film where we don’t do what we’re supposed to do and it goes the other way. But tonight, we were on point, we were dialed in, we were focused. We made some mistakes, yes, some errors, but for the most part we were playing the way we are supposed to play.”

(On Andrew Andrews not playing in the second half) “The way we were going, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. One of those situations. Our guys were playing really well.”

(On Nigel Williams-Goss leading the team) “Nigel is a freshman and at times makes mistakes. At times he’ll turn the ball over – at times. But if you take that away, he is so heady and so focused on impacting the game the right way, I think it just brings a calm to everyone else. He’s constantly, ‘what are we doing next coach? What’s the next thing?’ … he’s constantly doing it. He’s not doing it to get brownie points. He’s doing it because he thinks it’s the best way to get it done. And that’s valuable to have. There’s not many freshmen that have the ability to do that.”