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Quoting Lorenzo Romar as Washington prepares for WSU

Here is much of what Washington coach Lorenzo Romar had to say to reporters this afternoon.

(Have you revisited the first game against WSU?) “That’s usually our pattern when we play a team once, we go back and review the film of the last time. Just again to recall exactly what happened.”

(What did you hit on most?) “Just the things we need to do a better job of. When they made a run in the second half, we kind of saw some of the things that were going wrong there. I disclosed them, but I don’t usually give a scouting report out.”

(Rebounding?) “Oh, yeah, no doubt. That was one of the things we didn’t do a good job of there. But credit them and mainly D.J. Shelton – 18 rebounds. He was relentless from the opening tip going after the boards.”

(On WSU’s defense) “I think Wazzu is a pretty good defensive team. They haven’t been scoring the ball as much. They haven’t been rewarded for the defense. I don’t think defense is their issue. I thought in that game, especially in the second half, we did a poor job in our coverages. We just didn’t do a very good job. Credit them for running offense to make you pay for your mistakes, and we did make mistakes.”

(Did the season turn with that loss?) “We were in pretty good shape up until that point. Maybe mentally it took a little out of us. But at the same time, it was on the road. That was consistent that we, since Arizona, just didn’t do well on the road, until more recently here in Oregon, we started to play better. But during that stretch, we weren’t very good on the road. We didn’t do a good job on the road.”

(Confidence?) “My guess is that when we went through that stretch where we weren’t winning as much, I think it kind of opened our eyes as to how we have to play. We have to play every possession of every game the right way. I think it opened our eyes to be able to see that this is what we’re capable of if we don’t. I think we’re in a better place today, based on how we’ve practiced and how we’ve played the last couple of games.”

(Did win at OSU surprise you?) “I wouldn’t say surprised as much as it was refreshing to see. Something we talk about all the time, trying to play closer to perfection. You’re not going to be perfect. You’re going to make mistakes. But on the defensive end, executing the scout, which I thought we did a good job of over there. We didn’t make a whole lot of mistakes in that regard. And then we played with an offensive purpose that we had played with at times, but it wasn’t consistent. And I thought it was consistent for the most part in that game. And in the entire trip, we came up short against Oregon, but I still thought we came closer to playing the way we want to play.”

(Did you think ‘where has that been?’) “We went through that period … I don’t know if we didn’t handle success very well when we were one game away from second place to end the first half of conference. Maybe we felt we could just show up and all of a sudden that’s who we were. It wasn’t like we were undefeated to think that way. Maybe we didn’t do a good job of handling success. And then when we began to drop some games, it was a rude awakening for us in that there’s a certain way we have to play if we want to be successful. And I think we were probably working that direction, and it just all came to a head on the Oregon trip. Let’s hope that’s the case and we can continue to build on that in the short season we have left.”

(Do you want players to look at where they can finish, record-wise?) “We’re still trying to dig ourselves out of this hole. I don’t think we have the luxury to look that far right now.”

(Does this feel like a rivalry?) “I don’t think people are going to let us forget that it’s a rivalry. It’s always going to be a rivalry game when the Huskies and the Cougars play in any sport.”

(On attendance at Hec Ed dipping this season) “It hasn’t dipped for Arizona, it hasn’t dipped for Colorado, nor Utah, but I think it’s a league-wide issue, and maybe even a national issue. I think one of the things that we fought for, and begged and yelled and whined for, for years, was a better television contract. And we received that contract. So we can’t whine and snivel now. But I think it has something to do with the widespread drop in attendance in our conference – the different game times and the easy access to it. So yeah, we’d like to see our place filled up, no doubt about it.”

(Is there a benefit of being the only show in town, so to speak, with Sonics gone?) “You know what’s interesting about that? I’d have to go back and really check the attendance, but I thought our attendance was better when the Sonics were here, when we weren’t the only show in town. Because people have asked, do you think it will make a difference now that the Sonics aren’t here anymore? But I think you just look at the number of sellouts, we probably had more during the time the Sonics were here.”

(On Nigel Williams-Goss) “His ability to finish in the paint I think is a high-level skill that he brings to the table that not a lot of guards have. He does a really good job of finishing in the paint, whether it’s posting up or shooting that running floater that he has. Last game against Oregon State, he shot a sky hook in the middle of the paint. Might have been his first or second basket. It’s just impressive, him getting in the lane and being able to make plays.”

(Was his 32-point game more exciting than his 10-assist game?) “I think it was more exhilarating, it was more exciting, the 32-point performance, the way things were going in front of the home crowd. We were down and he scored a lot of points to help bring us back. It’d be hard to say, because at Oregon State, he was like a surgeon. He was just so efficient in that game from start to finish. He helped get us going scoring early, then later on he continued to pass and just run the offense. So I just thought he had a very, very good floor game.”

(Does he compare to anyone?) “I think he kind of has his own, unique style. I don’t know if there’s anyone out there that they can say ‘you kind of remind me of Nigel Williams-Goss,’ because his style is unique. It’s his own style.”

(When did he start learning the playbook?) “He was watching this … when he committed to us, his junior year, then his senior year, he watched us. And they filmed the games and they’d go over and watch, and he knew what our offense was about because I was able to show them, and they were watching those and he was picking it apart then, before he even got here. And then in the summer, he would ask for film of the games and break down tapes to know exactly what we were doing. So he’s very disciplined that way. I think that’s another reason why he’s such a good student and all. He studies. And it’s important for him to get it right.”

(Have any other recruits done that?) “I don’t remember any doing that. They’ve seen what we’ve done, they’ve watched us on film and all, but to come in before you have your first practice and ask a lot of questions – OK, what happens here? I noticed this was going on, Coach, what’s the counter to that? Could this even happen if they defended this way? – I don’t think we’ve had anyone do that. I could be wrong. I might be missing someone. But I can’t recall anyone doing that.”

(Is he a throwback with the way he plays?) “In some ways he is. He watches … he’s one of the few guys nowadays in this generation, when you start to talk about players back in the day, his eyes light up. He wants to hear. He wants to know what made them so good. You talk about a lot of different players and he’ll know who they were, but he’ll say, ‘you know what, I’ve never seen any footage, my dad tells me about him. He said he was really good. Is he really that good?’ … He really studies the game.”