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Quoting Lorenzo Romar after UW's win over WSU

Here's most of what Washington coach Lorenzo Romar had to say after his team's 72-49 victory over Washington State on Friday night.

(Opening statement) “Wish we could have had a little more of that when we were in Pullman. Credit our guys for coming out, being focused, ready to play, concentrating. I didn’t feel we were distracted at all. I thought we went out and played with a purpose, and consequently we were able to play well and get the win.”

(Was the plan to limit everyone but DaVonte Lacy?) “No. Lacy, he’s a pretty good shooter. They really depend on him a lot,” Romar said. “He scores 39 on Cal, he scored 36 on Colorado. They depend on him so much that if he gets it going, he can knock some down. But that’s really what ended up happening – we did not want those other guys to beat us, for sure.”

(On guards rebounding) “They shot 31 percent, so there were a lot of misses for us. Our guards were very aggressive. The things those guys did was not leak out. We’ve had a tendency in the past to leak out when the ball goes up, trying o wait on transition, as opposed to coming back, rallying to the ball as five. Because those guys did it, and because other guys were doing a good job of boxing out, the ball was free and clear for those guys to go get it. But if they’re leaking out, they don’t get those rebounds.”

(More on guards rebounding) “All year we want three and a half guys to go to the boards. We just weren’t always going. There were a lot of times when we started with four guards, and if one of those guards shot the ball or if Perris Blackwell shot the ball, then we didn’t have anyone on the boards. Now with Desmond back and Shawn playing more, we have more guys than one guard that can go to the board consistently.”

(On Nigel Williams-Goss playing like he’s older than a freshman) “He’s not playing like a freshman that’s for sure. There’s no doubt Nigel plays a big part in what we’re doing. You find yourself not wanting to take him out of the game because he manages the game so well. In these last four games, Andrew Andrews has played well, also. I think right now, at this point in the season, I think there are several guys stepping up, playing at a higher level than they played earlier in the year. And I think it’s helping us. We’re not having one guy show up now and others … multiple guys are stepping up on the same night.”

(On Williams-Goss and Andrews playing well lately) “I just think at this point in the year, everyone – not just Nigel and Andrew – everyone is focused on, OK, what do we have to do to be our best? When that happens, there is potential for chemistry to be good, and guys work in concert with one another at a higher level.”

(Does it feel like it’s too late to start playing well now?) “We kind of can’t think that way. I don’t think we said one word about UCLA and now we will. We were talking about WashingtonState. We’ll play UCLA and go from there, and see what happens.”

(On confidence heading into game vs. UCLA) “I think we have a confidence right now that if we do what we’re supposed to do, we have a chance to be successful against the other team. That is a confidence I think at times was lacking. Again, we just won two games. It’s not like all of a sudden we’re undefeated. We still have to continue to do what we’re doing. But I think we’ve made a lot of progress in terms of just a belief that OK, if we do this, we’re going to be OK. And we’ve been committed to doing what we know to do.”

(On what worked defensively) “I just thought we were very alert. We were doing a lot of switching and there weren’t very many times when we were not organized in our switches and our guys were aggressive with those switches and I thought our help defense was there with active bodies and active hands.”

(On Nigel Williams-Goss as a provider) “I think that’s kind of how he plays. Not everybody has the ability to do that. Colorado, at Oregon State are two games specifically that I remember … where he scores like eight, 10 points in the first five minutes and it looks like wow, he might get 30 points. But then the complexion of the game changes a little bit and next thing you know, he’s got four, five assists. And then tonight, he got the ball off the board. He scored when he needed to score. Then he had a big steal when we were trying to come back, he jumps in the lane and gets a steal. He’s just a very smart basketball player and understands what winning is all about and what you need to do to win.”