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Quoting Chris Petersen after UW's first spring practice

Here's what Washington coach Chris Petersen had to say after the Huskies' first practice of the spring.

(On the first day of practice) “It was good. Good tempo, good energy. First day, doesn’t matter first day and we’re all new, or first day and we’ve been doing this for a long time, there’s always going to be a lot of little things. But the guys were focused, ran around, worked hard and it was a good start.”

(Did it feel odd at all?) “No. Actually, this is the normal part. Everything else .. once we get to coach the guys, once we get to do practice, once we get to play, that’s the stuff that everybody likes to do. That’s why we’re all here. Today felt really good.”

(On the tug-of-war drill) “Competition, we’ll always have some sort of competition. It doesn’t matter if we’re playing checkers, tiddly-winks, tug-of-war. We want guys to compete at all times. Have a little fun with it. We’ll always do something like that.

(More on that drill) “Overall, defense won the drill. It was best two out of three, it went down to the wire and defense pulled it out.

“Sometimes they’re fun, sometimes they’re football, sometimes they’re serious, sometimes they’re not. It’s just about competing.”

(On the tempo) “Yeah. These kids are used to doing tempo. These coaches are used to doing tempo. So for first day, it looked like it pretty much should.”

(On early impressions of quarterbacks Jeff Lindquist and Troy Williams) “Way too early to really evaluate. I thought they threw some good passes and threw some bad passes. But that’s why we’re out here working. We said from the start, we need a really good decision maker and an accurate thrower. And so I think you guys can see some of that. Some of it was really good, and some of it was … that’s why we practice.”

(On reviewing practice film) “We can’t wait to get in there. That’s the fun part is really to be out here and then run back in there. We’re analyzing every drill, every team setting period. Everything that was filmed, we’ll look at.”

(John Timu and Jesse Callier weren’t here?) “Timu will not be here for the next two weeks. He’s been suspended. He’ll be back at the second part of spring ball. Jesse Callier has some academic things to take care of for us, and we’ll see when that happens.”

(What’s Timu’s situation?) “Don’t comment on those things. He’ll be back in two weeks.”

(Anyone who jumped out at you today?) “No. We’ll put the tape on and we’ll see some really good practice reps, and that’s what we do, we pull those back out and really show them to the group and then to the team, this is what it needs to look like. But when you’re in helmets, it’s really hard for someone to jump out. But there was a lot of good practice reps, and really part of it is getting the guys dialed in on the tempo of what it needs to look like. There were a lot of things that looked good, and there was a lot of things that didn’t, just in terms of posture, running to the football, how we finish, all those things. That’ll be exciting to put that back on for those guys to really start cleaning it up.”

(On team running lines at the end) “That’s their choice. We always have competition with turnovers, and if the offense gives up a certain amount, they’re going to run. If the defense doesn’t get a certain amount, they’re going to run. They can get the turnovers and not run, or they can not turn it over and not run. That’s the only type of conditioning we ever do at the end. It has to do with turnovers.”

(On specifics he’s looking for) “It’s just fundamentally great and assignment sound. It’s really that simple. We’ve got to teach the schemes, but we’ve got to get them fundamentally great and we’ll keep building on the schemes and make sure they really know exactly what they’re doing assignment-wise. That’s a work in progress. Like you say, 10 guys can do it just right and one guy doesn’t and it looks very bad. But really, we’ve got 10 guys going the right direction. So at the end of the day, when we play August 31 or whenever it is, we’ve got to have them all going the right direction.”

(On typical role during practice) “Usually I’m in a tower. Do nothing. Eat snacks. … I take a lot of notes out there, and then we go clean it all up.”

(On getting back to football) “This is what we like to do. Practice is practice. You know, I thought the guys did a good job with tempo and running around and working hard and staying focused. The trick is the consistency. If we can put 14 more of these together, really focused … you can work hard and not get any better. You can be out here and go through the motions and really the only guy that knows it is you and the coach. So we’ve just got to figure out how many days we can put back to back where we’re in deep, we’re focused and we’re really getting better.”