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Quoting Bishop Sankey after UW Pro Day

Here's what running back Bishop Sankey had to say after UW's Pro Day.

(On Pro Day) “It went good. I came out, just wanted to catch the ball, show them I had natural hands. I wanted to look smooth running routes, looking smooth as well in the drills and everything. It went quicker than expected. I ran the 60-yard shuttle, I wasn’t expecting to do that but they asked me to run it because I didn’t run it at the combine. So I did that, knocked that out, then after that just really ran a few routes and did some drills.”

(Where did doubts about your pass-catching come from?) “I honestly don’t really know. In college I mostly ran a lot of check-downs. I didn’t run too many downfield routes. That could be a part of it. I just wanted to come out here and take away any questions they had about my hands, and I feel like I did well. I didn’t have any drops today and I felt good and smooth running my routes, so it went well.”

(On whether he pays attention to lists of top running backs in the draft) “I’ve heard people tell me, different sources have told me, and it’s good. It’s an honor to be considered the top running back coming out in some people’s minds. For me I’m just trying to go out there each and every time I step on the field and put my best foot forward, make a good impression each and every time.”

(On whether he heard any feedback) “I got feedback from a couple of coaches that said really good job, I looked really smooth and everything. It’s definitely a good thing when coaches are telling you that. It feels really good and for me I’m just trying to continue it. Every time I get a chance to make an impression in this next month or so, I just want to put my best foot forward.”

(On pre-draft process compared to expectations) “It’s been good. It’s been a grind. Especially prior to the combine. I’ve just been training down in southern California, I’ve just been taking it a day at a time, really, the whole process and everything. Today, the Pro Day went quicker than expected. I didn’t do all the tests I did at the combine. I’ve been enjoying it. Just taking it a day at a time.”

(On national media appearances and such) “It’s been cool. It’s been a cool experience, it’s really cool getting to meet those guys for the first time and talking tot hem and everything. I’m just rolling with it.”

(On Keith Price’s performance) “I think he did well. He completed I think every route that they asked him to throw. He looked good out there in my opinion.”

(Did he look any different than he did during the season?) “Not really. He does what he does. He’s consistent. That’s the great thing about Keith. He comes out and you know what you’re going to get in him. I think he looked smooth and I think he looked good today.”

(On Price not getting combine invite) “I was really surprised, I’m not going to lie. At first I was a little taken aback by it, just because I know what he’s done here at the university and how great of a quarterback he is. I think it added a chip on his shoulder and he wanted to come out here and prove that he is a capable quarterback.

(Any visits with NFL teams?) “I have not. I haven’t had any visits yet with teams. That could change very well in the next few weeks or so. We’ll see. Hopefully all goes well with those teams that want to visit with me, and again, I’m just having fun and enjoying it.”