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Chris Petersen won't rule out possibility of Cyler Miles' return this spring

Washington wrapped up its ninth practice of the spring a little while ago, and we'll have many notes and observations to pass along in a bit.

But first, a quick note that coach Chris Petersen said after practice that suspended quarterback Cyler Miles won't necessarily miss the rest of spring practice.

Asked if it's safe to assume Miles -- who wasn't charged in connection with an alleged Feb. 2 assault -- won't be back this spring, Petersen said "No it’s not. We just haven’t really decided on that whole situation. It’s kind of one day, one week at a time. There’s no reason to rush anything. We’re always going to do the right thing, and I know everyone thinks they have their opinion on what the right thing is, but we’re going to do the right thing by the school, by this program and by the kids as well. I’ve said this before. This is such a political job and I’m never going to make decisions because of political reasons to make me look better, because you think oh, that’s the right thing. That’s not why we’re in this thing. We’re in to do the right thing on all accounts. Sometimes, things just need to play out."

Asked if there is still fact-finding going on, Petersen said: "Not necessarily. Not in my mind."

He added: "When we come to conclusions on this, we’ll let everybody know. I just don’t want to talk to talk."