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Huskies football, men's basketball teams rank fourth in Pac-12 in Academic Progress Rating

The NCAA released its newest set of Academic Progress Rates today, and all of the University of Washington's athletic teams are well above the score needed to avoid penalties.

The football team, which last year ranked sixth in the Pac-12 with a four-year rolling average of 954, is fourth in the Pac-12 in the latest release, checking in with a four-year average of 967.

The men's basketball team, which last year led the Pac-12 with a four-year average of 985, is down to a tie for fourth in the Pac-12 with a new four-year average of 984, down one point from a year ago.

For some more background on what these scores mean and how they're calculated, check out the official release from the NCAA. Some more on that:

"Every Division I sports team calculates its APR each academic year. Scholarship student-athletes each semester receive one point for remaining eligible and one point for staying in school or graduating. Teams scoring below certain thresholds can face consequences, including practice restrictions and playing season reductions. Rates are an average of the past four years’ performance. National aggregates are based on all teams with usable data at the time of analysis."

Here is the APR database,

if you want to toy around with it


Here is how each Pac-12 football team fared:

1. Stanford, 984

2. UCLA, 979

3. Utah, 970

4. Washington, 967

5. Arizona, 960

6. Oregon, 958

7. Colorado, 955

8. Oregon State, 950

9. Washington State, 944

T10. USC, 941

T10. Arizona State, 941

12. California, 938

And here's how it shakes out for basketball:

1. Stanford, 1000

2. Arizona State, 989

3. Colorado, 985

T4. Washington, 984

T4. Arizona, 984

6. Utah, 979

7. UCLA, 969

8. Oregon State, 958

9. USC, 952

10. Oregon, 945

11. California, 939

12. Washington State, 938