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USA Today: Washington athletic department ranked 27th among public schools in total revenue in 2013

USA Today released its latest athletic department revenue database earlier today, and according to the newest figures, the University of Washington ranks 27th nationally among public schools in total revenue and 32nd in total expenses.

Here is some more information about USA Today's methodology in compiling the numbers.

According to the database, UW totaled $85,072,886 in revenue in 2013, compared to $76,209,927 in total expenses. The Huskies also received a $3,335,999 subsidy, according to USA Today, which accounts for 3.92 percent of the department's total revenue.

The database lists only seven schools that did not receive any subsidy: Texas, Ohio State, Penn State, LSU, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Purdue.

UW's revenues break down like this:

--- $19,895,534 in ticket sales

--- $26,598,771 in contributions

--- $31,754,727 in rights and licensing

--- $3,335,999 in school funds (the subsidy referenced above)

--- $3,487,855 in "other" revenue

UW's total revenue increased by $2,478,103 from 2012 to 2013. Its expenses increased by $2,376,284. That's a margin of $101,819. The margin between UW's 2013 revenue and expenses was $8,862,959.

Here are UW's 2013 expense figures via USA Today. (To scroll through this data and much more, just click on the link to the database above, then click on Washington.)

--- $30,793,834 on coaching salaries (an all-time high, and it should be even higher in 2014, when coach Chris Petersen and his assistants are scheduled to be paid more than $6 million total)

--- $10,729,571 in scholarships

--- $1,988,175 in buildings/grounds

--- $32,698,347 in "other" expenses

And here is where each Pac-12 team stands, nationally, in total revenue. Remember that USC and Stanford are private schools, and therefore not required to furnish financial records to the public:

9. Oregon

20. California

27. Washington

29. UCLA

42. Arizona

44. Arizona State

45. Oregon State

53. Colorado

54. Washington State

55. Utah