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Freshmen DBs impress on Day 2 with the newcomers

Beginning tomorrow morning, the Washington Huskies will have one big, normal practice for the rest of preseason training camp. But they did split into two groups again on Tuesday, and we have just a few notes to pass along from the afternoon session with the newcomers.

--- Everyone on the roster was accounted for. DB Aaron Chapman was the only player present who didn't participate.

--- The Huskies signed seven defensive backs in the 2014 recruiting class, and a few of them have already made pretty impressive plays. Jojo McIntosh made his second interception in as many days, picking off a pass from quarterback K.J. Carta-Samuels.

But the player who may have stood out most was Sidney Jones, who was all over the receivers during 1-on-1 and 7-on-7 periods. Jones nearly intercepted a pass that he leaped high into the air to bat down, and had another breakup of a Carta-Samuels pass during 1-on-1s. He later leaped to contest a long pass by Cyler Miles that fell incomplete and was nearly intercepted. Jones appears to play pretty physical, and there were a couple times when he offered coverage that might have resulted in a pass-interference penalty, but his aggression could bode well in a year in which UW will need help in the secondary.

--- Budda Baker nearly intercepted a pass intended for Neel Salukhe, but made a nice play to simply break it up.

--- McIntosh's interception was the defense's only turnover, so they had to run two gassers afterward.

--- Miles looked a lot better than on Monday, as he completed six of his first eight passes (and each of his first four) in the 7-on-7 period. Carta-Samuels continues to show off a pretty strong arm, and he moves pretty well out of the pocket, too. His best pass was a long gain to David Ajamu during the brief 11-on-11 period early in practice.

--- Practice ended with a 21-play 11-on-11 period, with each snap coming from the offense's 12-yard line (or thereabouts), though there wasn't a lot of action as 14 of those plays were rushes (seven for Jomon Dotson, four for Gavin McDaniel and two for Ralph Kinne). And with no pads and no tackling, it's kind of hard to say exactly how successful any of those carries would have been.

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