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Cyler Miles apologizes, says February incident was 'embarrassment'

Washington quarterback Cyler Miles met with media for the first time since the Feb. 2 post-Super Bowl incident that prompted an assault investigation and led to his suspension from spring practices.

Miles made an opening statement, in which he apologized, then fielded a few questions. Here's what he said:

(Statement) “I just wanted to take this time to apologize for my behavior and my actions earlier this winter. A lot of people that represent me are affected by my actions. Obviously my family, my teammates, my university, and also the city that I live in right now, Seattle. It was an embarrassment to all of those people, me, my family and my last name. So for that, I truly apologize and at the same time I realize that I did mess up. I highly regret it and I’m very excited to get back on the team and do my best to put this past me and start working with my guys again.”

(What did you think of Hawaii suspension?) “I thought it was fair. Like I said, that’s really out of my control. That’s Coach Pete’s decision. But I thought it was a fair consequence by him, and regardless of what it was, I’ve got to take it anyway. I didn’t have a problem with it.”

(Did you understand the Seahawks angle to the incident?) “Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I have no problem with the Seahawks, man. I respect Russell and what he’s done at that program. Things happen and I take full responsibility for my actions. I messed up big time, and I’m willing to face the consequences and do everything in my power to gain the respect back of Husky fans, my teammates and Coach Pete.”

(How have you tried to regain respect?) “I think just trying to rally guys as best as I can, just giving full effort on every drill, every workout, just try to get to know the incoming freshmen. I feel like we’re a lot closer as a team this year. All-around, just try to become a better teammate, better leader.”

(What was spring like for you?) “The spring was difficult. Just having to wake up and my teammates going to practice and I was either just waking up or going to class. That was tough for me, just to see that and witness that. I wasn’t really around the game much at all. I did what I could, throwing wise, and tried to dive in the playbook as much as I could, but not too much in the spring. Just really lifting.”

(Did you meet with any coaches during spring?) “There was a couple times where we just met and a little overview of kind of what was going on. As far as really diving in, not really.”