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Quoting Chris Petersen on QBs, DBs and off-site practice

Here's what Washington coach Chris Petersen said during his post-practice meeting with reporters.

(Quarterback update?) “First time I’ve thought about it. So many other things to think about. We’ve got a lot of time to prepare here. I think they’re doing a nice job. I can tell they’re very in tune to what they’re doing. If they’re not in, they’re standing right there getting a mental rep. that’s what we want at this point. I think there’s been some very good things, (and) some things we’ve got to clean up.”

(So no starting QB yet?) “Not just yet. Coming soon.”

(When?) “By the time we play Hawaii.”

(Cyler Miles look rusty?) “No question. I haven’t been around him, football-wise, but there’s no way a guy at that position cannot be rusty from being away as long as he has. It’s nice to get him back in the mix. You can see he has talent. But that position, like most, is all about details, and it’s a race against the clock for all of us. Every day, every rep, every minute matters, and I know they’re working hard at it.”

(Anything worth reading into with Miles taking first snaps with 1s?) “I promise it, don’t read a thing. You might see me out there taking the next rep. When we really have a pecking order that we really feel, hey, this is going to get started, we’ll definitely let everybody know. And I also know this. It’s not going to be for a while. Don’t read anything into it. I know you’re going to want to and think ‘hey, what are they thinking.’ Coach (Jonathan) Smith and I have talked a bunch about it, and if a guy deserves a few more reps, maybe somebody didn’t get the reps he wanted the day before for whatever reason, he’ll put him in there a little bit more. So don’t read too much into any of that.”

(How’s he been with what you’ve given him so far?) “I think he’s done a pretty good job mentally. He’s worked hard to catch himself back up. He can command things pretty well out there in terms of knowing where guys are going. But in terms of the details, the timing, the accuracy, all those things, the precision – nobody’s there at that position, but let alone him. He’s had the least amount of reps since we’ve been here.”

(Anyone standing out at running back?) “I think that running back question is always hard to answer until we really scrimmage, play for real. You don’t really tackle those guys in practice. It’s all kind of tag-off stuff, so we’ll see when they break tackles and those type of things. That’s always another fine-line position as well. You don’t want to get those guys hit too much but they do need to get hit a little bit before that first game. Turn the ball over. See who can run through arm tackles. They fall into a false sense of security. But we’re a ways away from that as well.”

(Like the energy, tempo, etc?) “I do like it. I think our first two days in helmets were great. Great energy, great focus. But that’s what the trick is. If they can come to meetings showing up with that energy and focus eight days from now, (and) we don’t miss a day in between in terms of ‘that wasn’t very good,’ we’ll have something going. That’s very hard to do. So we’ll see.”

(Like freshmen DBs so far?) “I do. I think those guys are aggressive, I think they’re competitive, and we’ve got a really good coach here to coach them up in Jimmy Lake and I’ll be anxious to watch their progress.” 

(How many of them might play?) “We don’t have that number just yet. We know we’re going to use some of them. Some of it’s going to depend on how fast somebody progresses. Some of it’s going to depend on injuries as we go through this. It’s such a long season. You can be great through fall camp and then all of a sudden game one, two and three, things change. Early on, they’re all on-deck, ready to roll.”

(Off-site practice on Friday?) “We are going off-site. It’s a closed practice. We’d love to have it open but we can’t do that by NCAA rules … we are going off-site, just to change the venue, just to re-focus, practice good wherever we are. In a parking lot, we’ve got to play good, or on a nice turf field, we’ve got to play well.”

(Can’t say where it is?) “Last time we did that, we had to kind of move locations again." 

(Find a place with more heat?) “If anybody knows where that is within an hour radius, let me know because we need to heat things up here. Weather’s been a little disappointing as a coach. I think the players love it. Coaches don’t. we need to heat it up here a little bit.”

(On the defense and turnovers so far) “It’s always good and bad for the head coach. A couple of them were created, a couple of them were gimmes. It doesn’t matter. They need to get them, and the offense needs to tighten things up.”