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Chris Petersen says he feels 'misrepresented' in Power Five scheduling debate

Washington coach Chris Petersen took some heat in Boise for his vote in an ESPN poll asking Pac-12 coaches if they would be in favor of "Power Five" conference teams only scheduling each other, a move that would leave Mountain West teams like Boise State without the ability to schedule top-tier teams.

Petersen said after Saturday's practice that he felt he was "misrepresented" by an article in the Idaho Statesman noting how he voted.

"I think I was misrepresented in that article over there in Boise," Petersen said. "I wouldn’t do anything … first of all, I don’t even know when I answered that question. I had a lot of questions coming at me. I didn’t really know exactly what it meant. I think we’re trying to get some parity in terms of scheduling, in terms of league games that we play, that we’re on the same footing there. But I think of Boise State as … I don’t know if they’re in a quote “power conference” but they’re a power team. I’m always a Boise State fan and I wouldn’t do anything to keep those guys out of the mix."

Asked if he'd be open to scheduling Mountain West opponents, Petersen said: "I’ve been in that conference forever and I’ve known the players and the coaches forever, so there’s no question that we’d want to play those guys and I know they want to play us. There’s good players and that’s great competition."