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Quoting Chris Petersen after Day 6

Here's the rest of what coach Chris Petersen said to reporters after Saturday's practice:

(On QBs taking contact on last drill) “Those drills are usually few and far between, but I think most of these guys haven’t played at all, the quarterbacks, at the college level. One has played just a little bit. I think you can fall into a real sense of false security if you never make them live. Scary proposition. Scary proposition when anyone’s going live, to tell you the truth. These other guys go live a decent amount, and I’m always keeping my fingers crossed. I think we’re as smart as we can be, trying to balance getting really accurate, good work and realistic work.” 

(On going full pads) “Yesterday was full-pads. I thought yesterday’s probably energy was a little bit better than today. Day 6, and I think some of these guys, even though it’s Day 6, it probably feels like Day 60 instead of six. And so hopefully we come out this afternoon with a little bit more energy. I thought it was good at the end. You turn them loose a little bit and crank up the energy. We need to be able to get that done more than 10 minutes in a practice.”

(On personality of the team) “I like the personality a lot. I think we’ve got a lot of good kids. I enjoy these guys. We have fun out there. We really do. I think it’s good. We’ve still got a long way to go to come together as a team, when things don’t go just right, how to be truly unified, how to treat our teammates. That’s work in progress and that doesn’t come with the snap of the fingers.”

(Does it look like a Coach Pete team?) “We’ve got a ways to go. I can’t even answer that until we go through some real tough times. We know those are coming in the Pac-12 for sure. Just even the schedule in general, our first game, just like I’ve said forever, we’re behind the 8-ball. Hawaii’s had their coaches for a while, they kind of got their system, and we’re still putting ours together, so that’s going to take some time.”

(How important are small details?) “It’s everything. I was thinking that out there today. Funny you ask that question. Because I turned to one drill and it looks pretty good, and I turn around and look at another drill and I’m disappointed and depressed. And I’m thinking, ‘I wonder if this is ever going to get how it really needs to look at all times.’ Maybe when that happens, we don’t practice. That’s why we come out here and practice.”

(Leaders on defense?) “I think some of those kids that have played for a while. I think (John) Timu’s doing a nice job. Danny Shelton, he’s always got something to say. We’ve got to get that harnessed in the right direction. He’s doing a good job with it. Shaq’s doing a good job. I think Marcus Peters is being positive. But it’s work in progress. Like I say, we haven’t hit any adversity yet. That’s when guys show their colors.”

(Running back starting to sort out?) “No, because again, you saw how much live we’ve done. Nine plays. I think you’ve got to play those guys a little bit to sort them out. I suspect that there’s not going to be one guy. There’s going to be a few guys. Now, could be a few guys, maybe one guy’s getting more carries than the others. That’s to be determined. It’s a long season. That thing will evolve and adjust.”

(How’d you do it at Boise?) “We’ve always done it by committee, and then depending on who really emerges. We’ve had some good backs over there, Ian Johnson and Doug Martin, and those guys eventually started to separate themselves, so we’ll see if someone does that.”

(On Power Five autonomy vote) "I think if we can do more for our student-athletes, that is good. And if that’s going to allow us to give them more food, maybe some more money, I think that’s really good for those guys."