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Quoting OC Jonathan Smith after UW practice

Offensive coaches were the only Huskies personnel made available to media today, which means we had a chance to speak with offensive coordinator Jonathan Smith about the Huskies' quarterback situation, turnovers and a few other things.

(How’s it going?) “We’re grinding through. Eight down. I think progress is getting made. Are content or satisfied where we’re at? No. I think our approach has been pretty good in regard to guys buying in. we’ve thrown a lot out of them. I think two things – I think we’ve thrown a lot at them and I think we’re playing pretty good defense. In both regards, I think we’re battling well and we’re making progress and if our approach stays the same, I think we’ll like what we get at the end of the day.”

(Turnovers improving?) “I think so. I think we’ve had our days where that horn’s gone off too much. That’s such a huge emphasis. We do have a reason to have that horn go off like that. It’s never what we want. … Like even the other day. Troy tries to put his foot in the ground and split up in there. He probably hadn’t been live for two years. So we’re going to put them in those situations. We’ve got to continue to learn from them. But any time that horn goes off, it’s not good for the offense.”

(Taking QBs no-contact jerseys off) “A little bit. That was one snap we wanted to put those guys in those situations and kind of find out what we’ve got as we continue to evaluate them. There was only about nine snaps where they were live so it wasn’t much. I think it was good. Not only running with the ball, but when you’re going to stand in the pocket. Knowing you can get hit in the back of your head changes things.”

(Has Troy Williams improved the way you wanted since spring?) “He has. He really has. We felt like he could change a couple things to his game through the summer. I think he’s done that. He’s really dived in. we’re pleased with his progress. He’s always had some physical tools, but now as he’s developing the mental side and he feels really comfortable with things, and that just comes with reps, we like his progression right now.”

(Seems like Williams throws more deep balls?) “That probably is just a little bit more him. I think some of that just happens the play he gets called, where maybe Jeff (Lindquist), Cyler (Miles) or K.J. (Carta-Samuels) get some other calls. There’s no doubt he’s made a couple nice deep throws the last couple days. That’s going to be a big piece of what we’ve got to do. We’ve got to be able to stretch the field, feel like we can spread people out, run the ball, do some different things. But hitting them on deep balls, there’s nothing more frustrating (than when) we get a guy open down the field and we miss him, and Troy’s been pretty accurate on that.”

(How about Miles and Lindquist?) “Felt good. Expected when Cyler got out here, he hadn’t played football for six months, so we kind of work out some kinks there. I think Cyler has a chance to really be good, and he’s been working hard. First couple of days you could see he was really raw, but I think he’s really dialed in the last two or three. With Jeff, every time Jeff gets in there, the ball moves down the field. We’ve been pretty happy with that in regards to his ability to move the team down the field. And he brings a dimension where, again, those other two do, too, but Jeff can run with the ball. Bigger kid and asked him to do that. It’s a process. We haven’t set a timetable on anything and we’re not near a decision but those three are working hard.”

(Tomorrow’s scrimmage important?) “I think it’s a part of the evaluation. It’s probably a little bit bigger than a normal practice but not everything. We’re going to have a couple of scrimmages. A little bit, we want to look at the ability for the guy to have a day to day approach getting better. Because we’re going to go from Week 1 through Week 13, however many games we’ve got, and so we’re going to be able to see that approach for a guy to stay steady Eddie, not too high, not too low. And so that’s why we’ve got to space this thing out in regards to making a decision.”

(Taper off snaps for QBs?) “I think at some point we’re going to have to. Again, we haven’t set a timeline on that, but at some point we’ll taper off.”