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Jeff Lindquist: 'I'm just really excited for the opportunity to be the guy to help this team win'

Jeff Lindquist, the Huskies' newest starting quarterback, met with reporters on Monday afternoon for the first time since being told he will start UW's opener at Hawaii on Saturday.

He talked about winning the job, his progression since spring and the former Huskies quarterbacks who have mentored him along the way.

(On winning starting QB job) “As he told you guys, it was obviously really close. Troy’s still a stud. Just because I’m starting this game doesn’t make him any less of a player. Surprised, sure. I’m just trying to stay even-keel with it all, but I’m definitely excited.”

(When did you find out?) “I think on Wednesday last week.”

“All of us met with our position coaches and kind of mapped it out, and that’s when I found out.”

(Will gameplan be tailored to protect you, or utilize you?) “That’s probably a question for those guys. I’ll just do what they tell me to do.”

(Would you rather be playing at home in your first start?) “I won’t complain about going to Hawaii for a game. It’s pretty fun. Obviously to play in Husky Stadium would be cool, but hopefully we can get to game two. We’ve just got to get through game one first.”

(Improvements since spring?) “I think kind of the understanding of the offense definitely got a lot better for me. I think it helped that our team too kind of grew with it, so it’s not like it was just me, but everyone kind of got together so the fluidity increased with the offense, and that  made it a lot easier to operate. I also think my accuracy’s gotten better. Again, I’m still working on that, but I think from where it was in the spring, I made good strides.”

(Did you think this day might not come, given the talent at QB that has been here?) “I think it’s something you can’t ever factor out or assume isn’t going to happen. So for me I was just really excited when I got the opportunity. You always try to prepare for if you’re going to be the starter the next game, because that way if your chance shows, you can capitalize on it. So for me there was thought about getting stuck behind other really good quarterbacks, but it’s just kind of the way the big guy planned it, and here I am.”

(Offense different than last season?) “Obviously we’ve got different people out there playing, so you want to cater to your talent. Again, that’s a question for those guys. But in terms of what I’m going to do, I’m just going to get the ball to the playmakers and let them do the work.”

(What will you bring to the game?) “I’m just going to try to be the best point guard I can, get the ball to guys and let them go to work, and then if I have to throw a deep ball I’ll do it, and if I have to run and get some tough yards, I can do that too.”

(Excited?) “I’m really excited. As most of you guys know, I’m a local kid. I grew up going to Husky games with my dad from when I was 6 years old I guess until I got here as a Husky. So for me I’m just really excited for the opportunity to be the guy to help this team win.”

(How did you find out?) “We just met with our position coaches and they told me and I tried to not get childishly giddy. I was just really excited.”

(Who all is going to Hawaii from your family?) “Just my mom and my dad.”

(Help to have last two years to adjust?) “I think being in college and getting used to the speed of the game definitely helps. And then I think even just spring with our team, at least the offense has gotten a lot better and a lot more fluid together. I think that’s kind of helped us operate better.”

(Excited to actually throw a pass?) “As a quarterback, throwing passes (is) fun, so I’m really excited to do that and just do what I’ve got to do.”

(Feel like it’s your job to lose, and if you play well you’ll keep it?) “Looking at it as a job to lose I think is a little bit negative. I’m just going to try to basically do the best I can and we’ll see where the cards fall.”

(Do you even think past Saturday?) “I think the fact that the next game is a home game is something to think about, but you try to do the best you can just to focus on the task at hand and right now that’s Hawaii.”

(Think Troy will play at all Saturday?) “I have no idea. You’ll have to talk to those guys.”

(Learn from Keith Price?) “One thing Keith did really well is he worked tremendously hard in the film room, just kind of learning his knowledge of the game. Kind of as a guy watching him, it was easy to see how well he knew the game plan. We used to sit in there and watch film with him and he would call things out before it even happened. So as a young guy kind of learning from that, you saw that could make Keith successful, so that’s one thing I’m trying to take from Keith’s game to help make my game successful.”

(Lean on any ex-UW QBs?) “Two guys that I’ve kind of known for a while and I’ve actually worked with growing up are Tim Cowan and Taylor Barton. So I kind of talk to those two guys a little bit. They’ve been very helpful throughout the process. I started throwing with Taylor in seventh grade and Tim Cowan in eighth grade. So those guys have just been kind of with me throughout the process. I just talk to those guys and they’re great dudes and I’ve learned a lot from them.”

(On handling QB uncertainty) “A lot of that was just kind of out of our control. … all we could focus on was how good we were going to play as individuals. And that kind of makes the situation a lot more simple when that’s all you have to think about. That’s kind of the approach I took and I’m sure the other guys took, too.”

(Last two years frustrating at all?) “My redshirt year, obviously not, because that’s just a big learning year. Then last year, honestly that’s where I probably where I deserved to be. I didn’t play as well as I should have. That’s just kind of the road that I took, and I’m just going to do the best I can where I’m at.”

(Relationship with Cyler Miles?) “He’s a good dude. We’ve known each other since our junior year of high school, so it’s not like we’re strangers. We’re buddies. He helps me out and I help him out, and we just do the best we can to make the husky quarterbacks the best that we can be.”

(Playing under two head coaches who were QBs?) “I’m sure they have a little bit better knowledge for how a quarterback is supposed to be successful. For the most part, Coach Pete really lets Jonathan Smith coach us and do the work, and he just kind of coaches the coaches.”

(Jonathan Smith compared to Steve Sarkisian?) “They both obviously want success out of their guys. They talk about the same things – being accurate, making good decisions, all that. It’s just with Jonathan, we spend a lot more time with Jonathan than obviously I did with Sark, so just being able to develop a good relationship with Jonathan has been really helpful.”